January 4th, 2011

Deadly Nadder Woe

  Hello all, ive been a lurker for a short time and hit the inspiration jackpot...but my skills are brand new, as ive never even devised a simple costume. Basically i want to create a movie correct Deadly Nadder dragon from How To Train Your Dragon. Yes i know this is a feat for a newbie, but im dedicated!
I plan on using a LOT of foam, and making is as accurate as possible to the movies design. I will explain as much as needed if asked.

Below are some *crappy* diagrams ive drawn:

Please ignore the stilts, ive found some i want to buy in feb. or march, the ones in the picture are just placeholders. http://img836.imageshack.us/i/deadlynadderwork.png/

And heres a lame wing diagram, based loosely off http://sunnybrook1.deviantart.com/art/Realistic-Wing-Tutorial-P-4-181122223 these directions...its not very good, nor accurate, but here.  

question about paw pads.

 So ill be making some hand paws in the near future they will be black with neon green pads, and the fur I have now is some short cheap black fur from joanns. These are just tester paws right now. But I was wondering if I could use fleece for the paw pads. Or would this look really stupid. Also one more question, when I do get some nice df long pile fur to use for the real paws, what method does everyone use to trim them down?
Thanks ~Layla

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re-whitening yellowed white fur...

yeah, just me again :3

I'm wondering if anyone has had any success in re-whitening yellowed white fur. I have some BEAUTIFUL white fur that I got a couple of years ago-it was actually sold as a throw rug LOL-I bought all they had and when I got it home and laid them out together I realized a few of them had yellowed from being under the florescent lights for who knows how long. I assume you cannot bleach the fur, but does anyone have any ideas?  I want to use it, but against the other white it looks so grungy :(
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find me fur and you get $20

hi all happy new year and all that,

sorry to bother you all, i will Keep this short

i was wondering if any one has seen the fur used in this toy
i would be wanting 2-3 meters of it. I would pay for the fur and the shipping and pay $20 as a finder fee for any one who has fund this and can by it for me and sent it to melb Australia.

its to replace the blue on my suit, and to redo the head. the head looks dated compered to my new suits.

thank you for your time.
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Looking to buy brown fur

  Sorry to post a second time in a short span but ive been looking for this for a while, i need some good, cheap, brown fur for an outfit for next halloween. I'm looking for something somewhat glossy, but at the same time rather deary or nappy looking, its for a werewolf.