January 10th, 2011

Labrador Retriever

I do a lot of charity work for Guide Dogs here in the UK and I've learned after many times wearing them, their mascot suits are horrible! I've been planning to make a fursuit for so long now I've got many ideas to sort through. In the mean time I plan to make a L.R. fursuit to use for fundraising. I want it to have digitigrade legs and feet similar to Matrices guide and some proper sized paws with pads.

The only trouble I have is choosing the colour. Should it be CREAM, BROWN or BLACK?

[Edit] Well there's been quite a mix of cream and chocolate (and now I'm hungry) XD If I get the money I might make twins but have one golden, one chocolate. Thanks everyone for voting and the comments :3

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What colour should I make it?

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Pony boots? Or, stilts?

     I know I must be thinking ahead, but that's good, aye? I try to make a fursuit a year: after 2011's suit of Mia I'm working on, my next step will be making a suit of a rat from Magic, the playing card game, called "Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni". (Boyfriend is a Magic fanatic and so am I. ;)

This suit will be my 2nd attempt at a digitigrade stilt system and, after researching and drawing some plans, I want to ask a few questions and show 2 videos of what I'd attempt--but first, I'd like to get a recommendation of which to use. Pony boots? Or, stilts?

I've thought souly about pony boots because they're less complicated, but are expensive and I'd have 1 try at making the feet, but they'd be more compact, but less of the style I want.
The stilts, bending the legs more to what I want, use varies materials I can buy inexpensively at local hardware stores and try multiple attempts if I'm not satisfied the 1st time. Right?
Rat legs are small and fragile so I'd like to keep them looking that way, or atleast try. Help? D:
Collapse )     Any help anyone can offer?


Just curious ..

Sorry if this post is inappropriate for here, but I cannot think of any other place to ask. Simply put, I have a lot of leftover blue fur from an unfinished project and I was thinking about maybe making a head to throw up on furbid or something like that.

Problem is, I don't know what to make. On one hand, I'd like to make something unusual, since it seems like there are so many canine suits floating around. But, I also want to make something that has a chance of selling, and since I'm not a well known builder, and I think my skills are still improving...I also think that a canine head might indeed be a good way to go, since I really need to make some money. ;)

So, I was thinking of maybe a good middle ground. I was planning on a Bull Terrier. What do you all think? Any other suggestions?
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resin blunder

so i messed up and forgot to add lubricant to the paint pallet mould that i was using to make resin eyes.
Is that it gone? or is there any way to salvage them?

I bought some extra anyway as I have a feeling Im wasting my time trying to get them out in one piece ^^;;
effen cat eris valgen

Grim Coyote bodysuit sneek peak! OMG!

OMG!! I couldn't keep myself from taking a pic of the finished bodysuit!! So here is a sneak peek of Grim the coyote. Muahahaha!!! You dont get to see the head just yet as i currently finishing it up. Really love this bodysuit a lot!! One of my all time favorites!

Please note the person modeling it for me is way shorter than the original commissioner who is 6' 4"!! Man he is going to be a really tall coyote O.o

Archer fem wolf

  Hello all, decided to steer away from the nadder, which still needs quite a bit of design work, to cosntruct an outfit for the upcoming ren faire. basically the head will be a variation off of grypherns werewolf idea, and the body a mix of various patterns have bookmarked that i have no access to at the moment since on my phone as post this. basically need a few period patterns and/or designs, want this outfit to have character. shed either be a powerful archer/warrior, or a simple sweet yet  beautiful commoner.. So basically all need is some help finding good cllothing patterns of the renaissance . OH, and yes, forgot, need to find a place that sells good quality brown fur above an inch and a half  long, many thanks in advance.  Appologies for any spelling problems, my phone is giving me a hard time.
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