January 12th, 2011


Tahvay earned the achievement....

shave and a haircut!

Well, I think I'm done trimming. I ended up using a combination of scissors, and my crappy $20.00 trimmer I had to kind of even things out. I'm pretty satisfied with how she's turning out. I've got updated pictures of her on my FA account Coffeehousedog for any who are curious, and I have posted my first video ever on Youtube.

Sorry, it's pretty boring, just wanted to capture the head moving around and such, might piece together a bit more creative at some point. Note* she is still missing her neck, and she will be getting a feral style mane in the future.


Thanks to everyone for their advice and input, for without all of you I would have -never- made it to this point. I am so very grateful for everything. <3
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Attention Brawlers!

Hey all, long time no see!

I have a couple questions for you all. Y'see, I'm currently working on a Fox McCloud costume (Oh no! No another one of those! XD) and I was wondering how exactly to go about making his head gear thingie...

I was thinking of building it out of foam, then cover it with fun foam, tooldip it then paint it? (Thought of maybe doing parts of his boots like that too) Or do you guys have a more logical way to do it? I'm familiar with building costumes but am completely newb when building props!

Also, does anyone here know of a tutorial or info about making a fat character? Fat as in, King DeDeDe fat ( http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/characters/images/kingdedede/kingdedede.jpg ) I have foam yoga mats and a hula hoop but I am kind of at a loss as to how to go about it! D:

And a quickie last one: where do you guys buy your buckram? There are absolutely no shop around here that sell it and I'm unsure which online website to use...

Thanks a million everyone! <3

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Feet soles?

For those who use things like rubber for the soles of their feet, do you have a preferred place that you buy online (and maybe a specific product that you can recommend)?

I'm not talking about the foam mats that a lot of people use, just to verify. I mean the actual sheets of shoe rubber that you can buy. I'm having trouble finding anywhere online that doesn't sell in large bulk quantities for redistribution. :P

Also, this being my first time trying out rubber for the soles, what sort of cutting tools are good to use? I use a carving knife for the foam mats, but I don't know how smooth of an edge that would give on rubber, and I imagine a straight edge wouldn't be tough enough. amirite?

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Piercings on fursuit heads?

Hey all, just a curiosity question really but what do you use for ear piercings on a fursuit?

The head I'm working on has a pair of hoop earrings so I thought I'd ask all those that have made heads with piercings how they did it and what they used.  Any info on other types of piercings - gauges, studs and bars and so forth would be appreciated too :)

Many thanks in advance ^
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Delrin Rod

I've done some research and looked through memories and decided that i think Delrin rods are my best bet for my wings. I just have a few questions for those who use it. How do you shape it? Is it with a heat gun and pliers? What adhiesives can i use to attach it to foam padding? I plan to bulk out some foam shoulderblade padding and create like a sock joint so the rod would go into the foam a bit for extra support.

I just dont want to spend alot on the rods to find they arent what i expected. Money is tight for me being unemployed besides commissions at the moment so i cant experiment as freely as i would like to. If anyone has WIP pictures with the delrin rod in use that would be great. I learn better from pictures.

Andi have thought about wire, but i wouldnt know what thickness/type to get that would work they way i need it to. The last wire i had was a thinner copper wire from my local Home Depot and it didnt perform like i would have hoped. It was easy to bend into shape but any sort of pressure made it bend and disconfigure my wings into red blobs of fabric on my back. Im pretty sure Delrin rods dont bend once set in shape but if i could have something in the "arm/spine" part of the wing that i could bend somewhat so that my wings could be semi folded for suiting so i could get through doorways, and then folded for storage/convention communtes. Any ideas? Shared Experiences?