January 13th, 2011


She wants a Polarbear with a Mohawk

Slightly off topic here, but am looking for some help!

I'm going to become a Grandmother in April, and my daughter wants me to sew a baby quilt for my grandson-to-be Desmond. She wants it to be an applique picture of an animal Rock Band.

So, I am looking for CUTE references for anthro Polar Bear, Alligator, Giraffe and Elephant characters. Can anyone point me toward some nice fursuits or furry art of these particular critters? I just want some ideas, I'm not going to rip off anyone's art--and come on, it's for a next-gen furry!


Faux taxidermy

Hello all, currently I'm in the midst of making a faux taxidermy wolf. The problem is I'd like it to be articulate so it can be posed like a real wolf. The exterior will be upholstery foam and faux fur. But what could I use for the "bones" layer? I thought of wire, but I'd like something a little more like an artist mannequin. Well I'd like realistic joints basically. Does anyone have a good method? Maybe ball lock joints or something.
Please help.

Prop help

Hai guys. I'm back. (it's been like...what..2 years?) Since I've been here & made a fursuit. Well, can't really call them those. Mine were pretty awful and looked like poo. But we all start there, right?

   Well then. I'm going to be making a rottweiler fursuit of my fursona, Buster.

Yep. Oh so creative fursona and name, I knowwww.

It will be made from balaclava and foam. No moving jaw probably, since personally I think it's awkward opening your puppy mouth and having people see your human one! Ahhh!

(I won't do the body, since I'm growing and I'll grow out of it, so I'll just do the shaggy clothes and stuff.)

But what I needed help with is the props. I got the bone sorted out, but I need some ultra help with the collar. What should I make it of? I'm thinking vinyl for the collar base, but I don't know about the spikes or nametag. I would use clay, but that could be dangerous as hello.

Any ideas?


I'll post WIPS very often when I get my balaclava masks, as I want as much help as I can with this one. I hope it to be my best! :o

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See through mesh fabric help?

 k i seriously appologise for this but ive been searching for like an hour and a half for see through black fabric stuff thats OT underwear or pants, does it exist or does the world just like messing with me? many many thanks in advance to anyone who can help, i feel bad for posting this much for dumb things.