January 15th, 2011


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Hope the picture isn't messed up.


I just got this done in  a few hours. The muzzle might look awkward because it's two pieces of large foam glued together, since I don't have huge foam. The black spots in the corners of the mouth is where the teeth will go.


Feel free to critique, but do know this is my first suit in a long while. Go easy!

Notes: The foaming isn't done, nor is the trimming. I just wanted to put most everything in place. The thing connecting the muzzle to the forehead needs to be bigger, and I need to add extra padding to the back  of the head ^^;;

The drawing in the last picture is a real bad doodle XD sorry.

Thank you all!



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Hey guys,

I see a lot of amazing work on here, it really does stun me.
Since joining the community, I have always wanted to have a go myself at making fursuit parts and perhaps even a head...
however, I try several attempts and constantly fail, Its really getting me down, and im starting to think, maybe I just cant do this.

I just want to know how long it took you to get a grasp of fursuit building and if you had any
motivation techniques to keep going even after your recent stuff went disasterously wrong?

Peacock feathers?

I am in the process of making a partial monstery-type thing that has peacock feathers for part of the hair. Obviously, using actual feathers would be difficult because of how fragile they are, but I want a slightly realistic feather look. They don't have to be exactly realistic, but definitely not toony. I've read the memories, but all I found was the faux fur method, and I don't think that will work for the details in the "eye" portion of the feather. Any ideas would be much appreciated ^.^

Lynx Head WIP

 Hello! This is my first post here as well as my first post to LJ, so if I'm doing it wrong I apologize in advance X3;

Anyways, I finally decided to give fursuit making a shot again (I made two masks in the past, but both of them were ridiculously awful). Now I'm trying again, this time making my lynx fursona since my main fursona has already been made into a suit. She is female and is going to be covered primarily with black fur, as well as a teal muzzle and some tufts of DF's three-toned blue and black fur. I was wondering if maybe I could get some feedback on this mask? I feel like it's missing something (besides a nose, I added that since I took these pictures) or something is wrong, but I'm not entirely sure what.

Here's some pics:

Lynx fursuit mask WIP.
The eyes are just paper since I hadn't cut out the plastic yet. The ears are also gigantic on purpose, since I find huge ears to be adorable >3< Any advice would be much appreciated, since this is my first time trying to make a serious head!

Also, on a somewhat different topic, I'm having a really hard time finding material for the eyes (buckram or otherwise, I'm not sure what works best), so does anyone know where I could find something that works well and can be colored on?

Thanks in advance!


Taxidermy Eye Blanks

I know there are a few people in the community that sell the clear blanks, but for the life of me I can't remember them. XD An upcoming project has me needing bearded vulture eyes, and since obviously no taxidermy shop is going to have those in stock, I'll need to make my own. Let me know a good seller or two? I'd rather buy within the community than from a large retailer.

Foam. What kind? I don't know. And another thing

  Once again posting because of great fail, i don't know what kind of foam to use for my wolf, it would be used in the mask and for padding on the legs, what kind of foam is most used? I was looking at different types of upholstery foams but honestly i don't know whats best to use, and if its overly heavy thats gonna suck. Once again, sorry, and many thanks in advance.

On a second note, does /anyone/ know how to make/sell/whatever, good digitigrade stilts for under 100 dollars? I'm uber poor at the moment and would love either a short guideline to making my own or someone who i can pay to make cheaply. 

Own Eyes advice-Thanks Everyone

EDIT: Not going to delete this, or edit the original post, because even our failures teach us something, and perhaps, teach us the most. I want to thank everyone emphatically for the advice you've given me.

For those who are interested I destroyed the head featured here, and have started work anew. I will post pictures/progress if anyone is interested.

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Taffy, Sweet

Insuring costumes

Hey Everyone-

I understand this is a slightly odd question...but I am thinking about doing some private client work with kid's birthday parties/corp events and am looking for ways to financially protect my costume.

I was curious if any of you have ever looked into insurance for costumes/damage. I am going to make a damage waiver for a deposit to cover the deductible should damage happen...but I am unsure how to approach an insurance company and say HEY I HAVE A BIG EXPENSIVE COSTUME, HOW DO I PROTECT IT?

Anyone ever done this or have experience with it?

Thank ya

(no subject)

Okay, right now I'm working on a side project while I wait for parts to come in for my main project.

I'm working on a Bull Terrier head, that for the most part, I'm pretty happy with. The problem is, I don't know if it's the shape of the head or what, but the vision looks like it could be a problem.

Mainly, my biggest problem is vision directly in front of the wearer as it stands, isn't very good.

My question is, I would assume people who wear fursuits to expect some limited visibility, but how much do you guys feel is acceptable?

Also, looking at my foam work, can you guys make any suggestions that might help? Right now I'm considering doing resin eyes and just doing huge tear ducts. ;)

Any help is greatly appreciated, I don't want to give up, but I'm getting discouraged!

Oh, any other crit is also welcome. ;)



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Where can I get Long Fur?

Hi, I wanted to know if anyone knew where I could possibly find some loooong fur. I need it for a tail that's being made and the underpart has long fur. I know it's more expensive, but I don't need a lot. I just need white long fur that is much longer then 4 inches. I don't want to use a wig.


Edit: I need the fur to be about 7inches. Beastcub and Beetlecat have such long fur, but they get all angry if you ask them where they get it from.
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(no subject)

Where do you guys get closed cell foam?
My joann's doesn't sell it, and there are sooo many results of different kinds of foam on google.

I'm looking for something strong enough to hold shape, but not super heavy.