January 17th, 2011

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Has anyong got, or know of any good patters for making the body of a suit??? im in the process of carving the head and wanted to get a head start on the body.

also anyone know of cheep places in the UK to get fur (short white) and foam heads???? also i dont have a sewing machine so anyone know any good stitches i can do by hand that will hold or if u could recomend me a cheep type of sewing machene that would be fantastic

TY in advance guys and gals

(sorry for all the questions)

Be your character!

Hey guys! This might be a tiny bit off topic of How to Make a Fursuit, but I thik it might be just as important.



As the mascot of my school, I know some acting methods and how to exaggerate movements, but I don't know everything! I know how to handle children, mean, scared, or nice, but how would I act around other suiters? I know how to act for myself like I'm the only giant dog in the world and I understand  human language, but I don't know fox language! I don't wanna look silly by shaking another suiters hand instead of high fiving, or hugging instead of double high fives.


So...what are some fursuiting sign language you would like to share with me? I wanna know how to read body language and interact with other fursuiters. :)


Thank you!


Big Bad Wolf Silvermane: Grin

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I hope this is the right place for this. This is for a fursuitish Costume and I just wondering what is the best Thearter make-up. I'm planning a Beast costume(broadway version) for a local Convention.
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Hiding Seams

The problem I'm worried about [may not even be a problem I just want to check before I glue] is that I fear there might be small bumps where the seams  on my face are. I used a whip stitch and there is only about 2-3 millimeters of fabric that is bunched, very small but I worry if there will be any bumps? I can get a picture if need be. Should I even worry about this? I glued the ears and it doesn't show up but I also haven't shaved the ears yet. Suggestions before I glue the rest?
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Hello! Its Dwolfy here, and she has a new suit plan, and some questions.
You know the Johto trio from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Heartgold/Soulsilver? Raikou, Entei and Suincune? I wanna make a Raikou fursuit. Im not sure how im gonna do it, and my current head materials are only a couple scraps of foam and a sheet plastic canvas. I know im gonna have to get more, but how am i gonna get Raikou's distinctive head shape and tail? I wanna do a full suit, but if thats not possible.. And i think relitivley short furred, so is there a fleece i could use that wont turn out looking like crap? Thanks!

latex nose cast

my first cast of a feline nose,
There is an air pocket to the front of the nose which doesn't affect the appearance, but id still like it not to be there X3. Hopefully my next cast will not have any air trapped inside.

it's about 2 1/2" wide and 1/2" thick.
How would one stick it onto the fursuit head? Or is it just basic glue. then fur.

It's a fleshy colour, however I want to cast more brightly coloured ones, perhaps even make them glow.

Id like to perhaps offer free a custom coloured one out to someone who will be willing to use it on or take a photo againsed a fursuit head to see how it looks.
Though if i do, il probably advertise it on fursuit_auctions.


Markers on fur fade test

Hi guys! I did a test to see if markers on fur will fade and it was requested that I share it so here it is!

I used Prisma markers on some low quality white fur. The piece on the left was put on the windowsill in direct sunlight, the middle piece was in normal room light (on the back of my sofa) and the right-hand piece was put in a drawer so had no light. I then left them about 6-8 months.


As you can see, the one in direct sunlight faded, while the one in normal room light doesn't show much difference to the one kept in the dark. So the verdict is that as long as it's stored out of strong/direct sunlight, there isn't too much of a problem with fading.

Results of the faded direct light piece-

The colours most affected is the light violet and orange, having faded almost completely away.

The colours that faded considerably were the bronze/ tan (light browns) peach and yellows. The peach also went a more redder colour before it faded.

Ones which faded and went more grey in their appearance were the purple, red and dark green

The least affected was the black, warm/cold/french greys, the blues and the mid green colours.

Sorry if this is big, I can't find how to do a Lcut *fail*

...In need of fur...

I am looking to hopefully get all this from the same person if possible just to save on shipping and all that jive. I am looking for:

* 1 Yard Long Pile Grey Fur
* 1/2 Yard Long Pile Black Fur
* 4-6 Inches Long Pile Neon Green Fur

I would like these to be a nice quality fabric, not the cheaper thin nasty stuff LOL

---> any questions reguarding what kinda color to those above, look at my icon <---