January 18th, 2011

CR's cubby black and red fox?

I'm dying to re-fur my Houndour head. It's covered in fleece and looks absolutely ugly and terrible. :/ I don't want to remake it completely(though I may commission it someday), but maybe actually using fur and redoing the eyes will make it look a lot better.

So, is CR's cubby black and red fox soft and good quality?
I'd rather not have bright neon orange for the muzzle color.
Just something soft.

I'm too lazy to cut, so... here's a link.

It's been crushed in my closet for so long, the muzzle is completely broken.
So, I need to fix it. |D;
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looking for some things

I'm looking to commission a set of latex/rubber pawpads for a set of 4-fingered handpaws, preferably in light blue (glowing would be awesome, I saw someone who did that before on here). I would do them myself but my last attempt came out less than ideal.

Also, where do you guys find good buckram or mesh? The stuff I've been using has small holes (I got it from joanns, its called unicorn buckram?) but I've noticed that a lot of suits have better quality mesh used for the eyes which can be colored with paintpens without it clogging the holes. The buckram I used had to be colored with marker, and after some wear, the color bled :/ I would be willing to buy a piece from someone if they could spare enough for a few sets of eyes, I don't really need to buy a huge amount online.

And one more question! I made a bodysuit pattern for myself using old clothes, but when I had sewn it together, it was a little tight. Should I make another 'mock' suit or would giving another inch or two of seam allowance work?

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Resin mask silly questions..

So I'm going to take a crack at a resin mask, and I was wondering about a few things...

1) Does a regular marionette mannequin head replicate closely enough a realistic head profile, or should I somehow get a mould of my head to work off of?

2) What material do you use for the hinges on resin masks? Do you use e6000, shoe goo, or some other kind of glue to attach it to the resin mask and bottom jaw?

3) How thick do you usually cast your resin? Do you add any kind of filler like a layer of loose fiberglass, etc?

4) what material do you usually coat the inside of the finished mask with? (to cover the raw resin which rests against your face)

Thankyou in advance ^.^

Nother update

Mk, the camera is the reason it looks...kinda poopy. In the light, the seperate foam peices don't stick out so much.

title or description

On the front view
Uhh well, I accidentally cut too much cheek foam off the right. (our left) V_V I'll add more. The Muzzle actually isn't that crooked, too.
Yah they're crooked, but I just had them on to test if they added weight to the mouth. Apparently not. I'll remove them and redo them.



I'll keep doing what I can untill both you and I think it's ready for furrying.

Myself, I think it's pretty close.

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Muted color tones? Also, fabric depot has been holding out!

Okay...so I'm having troubles finding the particular fur colors I'd like. I've found a few, but I would like to find more shades, especially of more "muted" color tones or lighter ones in general.

Second, fabric depot has A LOT more fur fabric than they lead on! Due to a very, very, very long trip across a very decent amount of area to pick something up, I was able to stop at fabric depot's main store. It's decently large for sure, they have a main floor full of fabric, and then very large shelving systems of even more fabric in the back. I guess they'll specifically set some aside to sell online and put the rest on the main floor. If I remember right they only have about 2 furs listed on their website...and well, the picture is far too large to post here, so I'll just link it.

Warning: it's decently wide. Yet that wasn't even all of it, they had another smaller wall full of clearance fabric, but most of them left were kinda low quality.
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