January 21st, 2011

the Braegh

Update to my...not so specific fur question: the actual idea! decided to take it upon myself to design n create a quadsuit, specifically the Braegh rom final fantasy xii! I must upload a picture tomorrow as on my phone right now and upload anything, but be ready...although there are many anatomical fails, lol. wl be use liquid lame gold or e metallic sheen of its hide, but what would use to make its...scaled parts? *gonna need to look up the braegh if you don't know what it looks like, sorry* Ask questions needed, ll answer, but in the meantime: will bworkin on the design, and homework.

fur length question

Is there a noticeable difference between DF's long fur and extra long fur? Like, if you use the two right next to each other of the same color can you tell that one is longer or do they just blend in with each other?

Yet another pile question! Fabric.com's "Soft Fur"

I'm going to contribute to the rash of fur pile/length questions that have been popping up lately, haha.

Has anyone ever ordered fabric.com's "Soft Fur"? Specifically this:


It's the perfect color but it doesn't say anything specifically about the length except vaguely that it's "short pile". From the picture I can't tell anything except that it's not shag. :B

If anyone has any info, I'd be really grateful! I'm looking for this color in somewhere around .5" pile, so if you know any other place I can get this, that would be helpful too. (If you have ordered from fabric.com and want to contribute any info about the quality of the fur as well, I'd like to hear it...this will be my first time getting fur anywhere other than DF)
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Copic Markers on Fur

Just wanted to pop in and say I got my Copic marker airbrush system and just tried it out (my fingers are still blue, lol). I tried it out on my tail first, just to practice. I then got a bit too excited (I blame the coffee) and attacked my personal fursuit (PunkCat) head with it. Huuuuuuuuuuge mistake! I ended up making a big blotch right on the top of her muzzle. It was horrible! I immediately ran for my Colorless Blender, hoping the solvent combine with a paper towel would help blot the ink off and at least lighten it up. It worked to a small degree, but the blotch was still obvious. Panicking, I tried to airbrush around the area to blend it in. By the time I was done, the entire baby blue area of her muzzle was now Prussian blue. :C Heartbroken and embarrassed by my failure, I brushed her fur out really well to make sure the marker at least hadn't ruined the softness of her fur (it didn't) and put her back on the shelf.
A moment later I remembered I had Teddy Bear Cleaner in the bathroom. With a bit of hope, I got the Teddy Bear Cleaner and pulled PunkCat's head off the shelf again and doused the muzzle with the cleaner. I blotted it with a paper towel and to my surprise and delight the marker came right off! I was able to clean off about 95% of the marker, leaving a nice shadow around the edge where the blue fur meets the white fur. Thankfully, this shadowing around the edges of the blue was what I was originally trying to do!! So after the initial failure, I was able to save my project and turn it into a success!

So yeah, I just wanted to do a follow-up post about my purchase and say that the Copic Marker Airbrush System does work (if you practice first!!) and there doesn't seem to be any loss in texture from the markers. The pigments show up a lot better on the fur than I expected, though I was using Prussian blue on DF baby blue fur, lol. The colorless blender, when applied heavily and directly, does blend areas but very minimally. If you mess up, you can wash it off using Teddy Bear Cleaner, though I would NOT rely on it exclusively, as white fur may be permanently stained by darker colors.

And just as a word of caution, if Teddy Bear Cleaner was able to erase Copics, then I'm sure washing a bodysuit with regular detergent will do so also. I would NOT recommend using Copics (or any markers) on fursuit parts that may need to be washed, or for detailed markings that will be difficult to do again if the part does need an emergency cleaning.

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Aiko corgi

forgot to post her!

this is a cute toony head going out to Aiko in australia, hopefuly she will be seen at afew cons around there :)

she came out very cute, and was the first [commissioned] head using an updated style I'm working on from my old one :)

this works best for female characters and those without big fluffy cheeks, as it gives a much more 'sleek' appearence. the hair is made from fur, at the customers request, eyes are 3D, jaw is semi moving with plastic teeth :)


paws and claws...

I'm going to be starting hand paws and feet paws soon (hopefully tomorrow) and I was just wondering. When/how do you install claws? I ordered some resin claws, (they're a good-sized claw -- she is going to be a scary fennec! ;) ) and was just wondering when in making my paws would be the best time to add them.

Meep! Any tips, advice what have you would be helpful!