January 24th, 2011

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Question about fur

I found some gold fur that's almost the perfect color, only thing is it's a UK site and it doesn't look like they ship to the US.


32 mm   Mohair
Gold, shaggy

Anyone know if this is good fur? If it is, which I'm hoping, I'd need a middle man(or woman) to get it.

EDIT: Direct link wont work, copy paste now. =/
  • midori8

Hotglue guns! My experiences and favorites!

I have noticed in the last few months a increase in problems with hot glue guns. Mostly the ADtech. From exploding,fires and just not working! So as I was commenting on another post I thought maybe it would be helpful to post it separately in its own new topic. I hope this helps a few folks.

Now first of all the ADtech:
there has been a growing problem with these guns. I think the reason we are seeing so many problems with one kind of brand is because walmart changed to this brand of gun about a year or so ago ( that I have noticed) I also believe joanns now carries these as well. I think that's why we are seeing so many people having issues. There easy to find and CHEAP!

I have used the adtech with no problems but they like to drip a lot or "freeze" were the stick gets jammed. They sometimes like to "crack" and makes sounds as the glue gun warms up. I haven't had any problems with blowing up or fires, but all my ADtech guns I had I ended up throwing away. Mine just would jam up constantly and it was very frustrating in the middle of furring when I cant get any glue to come out.

Another kind of gun I have used is a Stanley( there yellow and black) I loved it at first, and came with a free silicone mat to catch the drips. I bought this gun at my local target for about 12 bucks. but after i used it for about a month it started to dripped like crazy then after a month or two then just died for no reason.
Out of all the guns the only one I seemed to have the littlest of problems was the Surebonder:

One Surebonder I had for 10years with 0 problems. It did drip time to time but not as bad as some guns( the Stanley gun would leave pools of glue). That gun was a regular Surebonder. They are usually blue with a orange cord. But there known to come in different colors, such as red or black. But are mostly common in blue. I bought mine at walmart, some still carry them, but I've noticed it's mostly the ADtech at walmart now. You can find Surebonder at michaels and at joanns.

But by far my favorite gun to date is a industrial gun:

About 6months back I up graded to a Surebonder industrial gun. Only two big differences; it's bigger with a huge trigger, and the wattage is 80 instead of 40w( which is the most common for a high temp gun sold in craft stores/walmart)
The industrial was more expensive (40) but so worth it! Never jams, always hot ( maybe a little to hot gotta be very careful!) and never ever drips.

Before I would go threw the smaller guns quickly. I usually try to be safe then sorry and when a gun starts to look brown and discolored around the tip ( not from fur melting on the tip itself but around the end) I would usually toss them. So far I haven't had any issues with guns exploding or catching fire (knock on wood) so I try not to risk it and toss it before it looks to be a problem.
These are just my experiences with these guns, but everyone has there own opinions and experiences. Surebonder just works for me!
Check out amazon they have all kinds of glue guns for great prices if your willing to wait :) but you should be able to find Surebonder guns at local craft stores!

Just do a little research and I think shelling out a few more bucks or a good gun is better then risking any issues in the future. Even more so if your making more then just one or two suits.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask me any more questions! And please feel free to speak of your own experiences! And your favorite brands! I think it will help a lot of people choose what might be best for them.

Mallow and Micha partials :)

Meet Mallow and Micha :) both very different suits with very different expressions

Mallow was a auctioned head that was designed to have a more extreme expression, his buyer commissioned the partial bits that go with him :) he features a static smiling/grinning jaw, big fluffy cheeks, toony eyes and plastic teeth

Micha is a cute, calm faced and loyal collie dog, all cute and puppy faced! he features some very fun facial patternings, static jaw, 3D eyes and plastic teeth

for more varied head angles and closeups for them both, take a look here:

mallow: http://bf-fursuits.livejournal.com/14023.html
micha: http://bf-fursuits.livejournal.com/17522.html

Clear Casting Epoxy Lubricants?

I do apologize to ask a question that seems rather ubiquitous, but I could not find a straight forward answer to my question by searching previous posts. This might have more to do with my searching skills than it not being answered in the past.

What do you use to lubricate a mold when using a clear cast epoxy? The mold is Polymethyl methacrylate, and the epoxy is "easy cast" witch touts "proprietary ingredients" as one of the chemicals. Thanks "easy cast" your vague packaging is very helpful.

I would take a wild guess and say that at least common casting methods are not rocket science in their complexity. So, the simple question is...
What should I use to lubricate my mold?

Thank you!

Oh, and if I did not see an earlier post about this, link me, and I will remove this post.

  • furlic

Looking for fur, foam, or other suit-making pieces?

I still have some things that I'm trying to get rid of. Click the link and head over to Fursuit Auctions to see if I have anything you need :3

The price on the beige fur is negotiable...it's unusually high because my local fur supplier sold it to me for $19.95/yd, and shipping that much fur in the box I have will cost $15. Make me an offer, and I'll be glad to give it to you if it's reasonable.

I've got 3 yards of DF Beige, a huge scrap of DF White, some foam, foam scraps, a handsewn tail, and some random items you might need to make a suit (duct tape, a rubber car mat, etc.)

jen foxworth

Easter Bunny foam head WIP 2

Okay ripped off all the tape *carefully, it nearly destroyed some parts* and my mate bought me a glue gun *I think he sees how much I want to make it* and added and subtracted a lot of things on it. I also made the mouth open, and put padding on the inside so it's more snug. without a chin rest it was tending to get more floppy so the padding helped. Put some fake eyes and fake nose *I have sculpy coming in for the nose* and am going to buy some wire at home depot to shape the ears up. The nose and mouth is a tad off, but it's only slightly, and by the time the fur is on there it won't be noticable.
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shortpile fur- online supplier

Two furs I picked up locally at Hancock's and Joann's, same length, texture, and they both have a mix of browns and grays with the dominant color. I have a yard or so of the black, and the gray I used last year on a blue Pitbull partial. I love the stuff, but I'm looking to find it in other colors

I'm hoping to use it to make these guys- pic on my FA
so I'm looking for white (or ivory, any near-white is great), and a warm brown, ideally a ginger color.

I might shift the designs around based on what fur I find, but I wanted to see if anyone knows where this stuff comes from. It's about 5/16", very dense, and i know it comes in at least three colors. i'm looking for an online supplier I could order the stuff from. Fabric.com has some beaver fur, it's a bit longer and very soft, but doesn't have the heather to  it, which is really what I love most about this fur.

the gray looks taupeish in the photos, the photo of the suit is a better example.

I believe I've found it at I'm Stuffed, but they won't be able to send me a swatch for a while, and I wanted to see if anyone here had seen it in their local fabric stores, or knew of an online supplier. I've done for intense searching through fabric sites, no dice. I'd be more than willing (and extremely grateful) to work with a middleman if anyone has better access to either color I'm looking for. I'm not budging on the fur if I can help it, but these Pibbles need to be ready to go for FWA in March. So I guess it's down to whether I can find this stuff in time or not :x

X-posted on fursuit_auctions a while ago, hoping for a response here

does no one have...

 a walkthrough or info to make dragon wings, i mean really. Im not on thecomputer si can upload any pictures or anything yet, but i need like...moveable dragon wings with 6 total fingers for my quad suit of toothless, no idea how to do that. on a side note, need a way to make asuper realistic super sensitive moving jawed mask for my first suit, wanted t o resin but figure out what needed to buy... For some odd reason my phone does want me to type i

DF Sparkle fur?

I love the color of the DF turquoise sparkle fur, but I have a few concerns.
1) Is it easy to shave?
2) Does it look good when you shave it?
3) Are there any other furs that are the same color from a different site?

Any help would be appreciated.

Also, are there any good tutorials for making 3-d following eyes? And a super sensitive moving jaw?

Thank you in advance for your advice =3