January 25th, 2011


Spot's done!

I don't know if any of you remember, but I posted up Spot's head when I got it done a few weeks ago. Now I finally have the full body done. :) It's a mascot for a local skate park, so his body is purposely baggy. This was my first fursuit in my own personal style.

I also apologize for the crappy lighting. o.-

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raccoon Ears

Ok, just testing out a pair of ears on a headband i made.
The ears arent sewn in place yet, but isntead with an elastic loop attached to the headband..just to the angle and spacing how I want it.
Not sure how to perminantly attach them to the band, do you think super glue will be ok?

They are raccoon ears, though very large ones X3
I want to make a matching tail also, but ive yet to save up to buy the fur.

Next on the list is a lemur set, as I do have the fur for the tail and ears..
do you think it will be better to have smaller ears next time?

Also, i doodled on my face because Im very shy

What do I do?

Okay I'm not sure this is the place to put this, but I need help. I recently told my mom I'm a furry and she is taking it the wrong way. She's acting like it's  a cult and that furries are bad people. I have tried to tell her that we're just people. In fact, I just told her that it's not kids that are furries, it's all ages. And when she realized I meant adults she just said "How sick are they?!" I don't know what to do... she won't even give me a chance.
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(no subject)

So I commisioned to have some cute plush tentacles made to stick in the pouch of my suit and carry around as a prop. Problem is I'm not sure of an easy way to attach them to my suit's pouch. Heres a giant version of the tentacles I bought http://www.etsy.com/listing/65182737/tentacle-body-pillow-plush
My friend suggested a belt loop method but I kinda don't wanna make holes on the inside of my pouch. Any ideas of what I can do?

(no subject)

Ok for a while now i wanted to get fur from either http://www.crscraft.com/ or from http://www.imstuffedfur.com/.
I only know about DF fur and how it looks on fursuits. So i just wanted to know if anyone has fursuits they made using cr craft fur and imstuffed fur. If you have any fursuits made using this stuff i would love to see pictures and  know the names of the furs you used so if i like the colors ill know what there called. Anything will be helpful. Im looking for more realistic colors like browns and greys. Some nice colorful furs would be nice to see as well. And if anyone knows where i can find a light grey it would be greatly appreciated. A grey that is lighter in color than DF grey. Some nice colorful furs would be nice to see as well.

Thanks in advance. :)
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