January 27th, 2011

Polyurethane eyes?

   I hear polyurethane yellows over time, and my friend keeps telling me to try it for a pair of eyes since it's cheaper than resin, less smelly and lighter. Is any of this true? Could it release better than resin from a plastic surface, after it's hardened? Would it work for eyes?

Resin works just fine for me and, but doesb't always release well after, and I can't add anything as a release agent because everytime I have its fused with the resin and distorted its quality or texture, unless Cast n' Craft has a release agent for resin I didn't know of.
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Toony Eye Blanks

 Yes, yes, more eye blank questions. But I realized the other day that there are a lot of recourses for taxidermy eye blanks, but I don't know of anyone who sells toony ones. This, to me, seems one of the most difficult portions of the suit due to lack of plastic, nothing to cut it with, no experience, etc, etc. How much interest would there be in toony eye blanks or custom-colored toony eyes?
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Realistic dark grey fur??

Hey im looking for realistic dark grey wolf fur. Does anyone know where i can get some??? I ordered the Gunmetal grey from Im stuffed fur cause it look like realistic wolf fur, only to be surprised that it was the normal grey from DF and Fabric.com T____T
i need it for this suit ill be working on soon.

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know of any fursuits with short, squat legs?

Ok, I'm trying to get started on even thinking up a plan to give the lower half of my fursuit the right "look: I'm planning on trying to make the legs look shorter and lowering the "crotch" area. Like in this pic: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5147025

I figure someone has done the same sort of legs before-like on a bear suit or a ferret suit maybe. I'm really curious to see how other people did it and the end result. So, anyone know of any fursuits with legs like that ? Thanks in advance!!!
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Looking for fur!

Hey guys! Looking for a specific fur here C: I'm looking for CRs crafts Teddy Bear - Gray Frost fur, and I sort of need it ASAP ( before mid february, if possible! ) Their site is sold out at the moment, though, so I'm really hoping someone on here has some!

All I need is enough for a tail, 15"x30" should be good, although I would not say no to about half a yard if possible. I always seem to overestimate how much I'll get out of a yard of CRs crafts fur, and don't order enough, so I'd love to have enough on hand in case something happens :)

Oh, and of course, I am willing to pay for it and shipping to 03038. Thanks!


to those like me in the UK who sometimes order from www.fauthrow.com, I thought this may be of benefit to you :)

I emailed them regarding the very varied backings on the fur they sell [sometimes stiff and plasticy, sometimes soft and woven] and this was the reply:

'I’m afraid every backing of almost all the faux Furs is different and sometimes the backing differs from batch to batch – the only consistency from batch to batch is with Tissavel (3 times the price) . This cream moleskin is probably a tighter weave/knit . Our supplier is constantly changing the consistency slightly – from batch to batch – they tell us they are trying to improve the fur quality and the stiffer the backing the denser the fur  – which is what everyone is looking for  - which is a nightmare but they are all the same I’m afraid. Tissavel doesn’t change but then we have to pay for that. They don’t make life easy


Sorry I can’t be of more help.'

hopefuly this is a good heads up to anyone considering ordering large amounts! and to people who own old swatches to get new ones :)

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Cutting out toony eyes

 What is everyone's preferred method? I use hand held garden sheers, and exacto's to smooth them out. Im curious to see other people's methods, or if there is a better way. Using the plastic bowl method of course. :) 

EDIT: Seems like everyone is agreeing on dremels, i think i may invest in one, thanks everyone. ^.^
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Looking for gray-blue denim fur. Take 2.

Well it seems that I'm not having much luck with imstuffedfur so I'm asking all of you for help with trying to find this gray-blue denim seal fur. I did try imstuffedfur and I got a swatch of light blue which was the complete opposite of what I wanted. They're telling me that they don't have anything different. Under that note I don't want to place an order with them with the worry that I'll end up with the wrong fur. Not to mention the duties and taxes since it has to go through customs so that added expense I cannot afford if I get the wrong fur. If they had pictures of the furs available it would make this a whole lot easier for me instead of having to describe what I'm looking for. All I need is enough of the gray-blue denim fur for doing a pair of gloves, feet and a head. I'm guessing that I'd need two yards. I have a picture of what I need below:


So if anyone has any extra of this gray-blue denim fur and would like to sell some please let me know. Imstuffedfur is not an option for me.
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