January 29th, 2011

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Interesting and relevent show!

Hello all

I'm mostly a lurker here, but I was recently introduced to the new reality show Face Off. Typical talent competition set up, but for special effects artists. And get this - for their first episode, they make animal human hybrids! Here's the link: http://www.hulu.com/watch/210177/face-off-welcome-to-the-jungle

It's definitely not typical fursuit-style costuming, but it's really fascinating, and inspiring. Enjoy!

Wanna airbrush? Change time to 1:30

Hey guys! Ever wanna learn how to airbrush but haven't had the chance to watch it live? I'm going to be airbrushing and will be livestreaming the event. Come on over! I will try to answer as many possible questions as I can while I work.
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Changing the time to 1:30. Sculpting the lip took a little longer than planned. Need time to set up. Still streaming though!

Custom Foam Head

I saw someone on Furbuy was auctioning custom foam heads and missed out.

Now I am curious if anyone on here is willing to just do a custom feline (tiger) foam head with movable jaw. If so...how much would you charge

Thanks :)
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Long straight ears

 I checked the memories but i couldnt quite find what i was looking for. I am working on making a pair of long up ears, about a foot long or more. I need them to be up straight but somewhat flexible so that if something bumps into them they wont snap. I really dont want to use plastic mesh, it gets brittle over time and snaps easily. The ears are rather thin so i dont want to have to carve out a big piece of foam either, is there something that would meet my requirements?  Thanks in advance! :D 
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Zorro the fox (teaser)

I just wanted to show you a glimpse of the new head i just finished. Its my first fox head ever!!!!! I used a few new techniques on this fella and im happy to say i am really happy with the result. The head its extremely like and the ear are super flexible. You dont have to worry about hurting someone with them at all. YAY!!! 

Ill have more pics of him up tomorrow!!! ^____^