January 30th, 2011

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Zorro the fox (toony head)

 I actually made him out of the blue cause no one commissioned me for a fox....which i found rather odd O.o But anyway....he's so cute!

It has 2D style eyes, static jaw, taxidermy teeth, anti-pill fleece tongue, squishy latex nose,and flexible ears.The head is extremely light weight and has a hidden zipper at the back of the neck. Good for people that wear glasses so they can put the head on easier. I learned from my mistakes from the mutt toony head i made a few months ago and listened to other makers advice where i needed improvement on. As always is there anything i can improve on from this head??

I hope you guys like him as much as i do.
P.S...this guy is for sale, but you can find more info on the fursuitauction journal.


Faux Crocodile Leather Question

Edit:  Ok, so this stuff might not be the best, given how stiff it apparently is.  I might still try to order a sample, but in the meantime what do you guys suggest?


Hey guys!  I'm planning on commissioning a pair of eagle feet and a crocodile tail sometime next year, and found the perfect fabric for both!

This stuff right here.

I'm wondering if any of you have worked with it or something similar, and if it's a good idea to request that it be used for my planned commissions. The texture looks great and they have all the colors I would need, but I don't want to take any chances, so...Yea or nay? Good idea?

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Hi guys, it's my first time actually posting to this community! Anyway, I've searched through the memories pretty extensively, and I had trouble finding an entry relating to methods of making a fursuit head appear smiling. I mean I guess I sort of understand the structure when looking at foam heads, but I seem to have trouble working with how to make it appear logical on a toony head. Does anyone have a tutorial or something that goes into general smiles a little more indepth?

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hey guys, odd question, but i figured y'all were the best people to ask... does anyone have, or can anyone easily get, a picture of the bottom side of a taxidermy tongue? i'm sculpting a tongue to make a mold from, but i'm starting to think i'm over-complicating it... is it just flat underneath? i'm at a bit of a loss...

*edit* i'm not worried it will be seen, i was just wondering if i needed to use a 2 part mold, or just leave the whole bottom flat