January 31st, 2011

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Removable Claws?

Hello all.

I've been a long time lurker here and posted some stuff in the past for a previous suit I made. (which was my first one) I just wanted to thank everyone for all the help.

I've got a question for my current suit I'm working on and I didn't find much help in the claws section of the memories. The suit I'm making is out of a very soft stretchy material that is form fitting. (so not really much extra room in the fingers) The suit is to have claws that are smaller and less pointy (closer to fingernails) but I would like for them to be removable. I was thinking of making them out of foam and dipping in tool dip since I had good success with that method in the past but I'm not sure of a way to be able to just attach them right on to my fingers after having put the suit on. Any ideas would be fantastic. :3
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Inside the head

ITT: what the inside of a finished head should look like. Not your personal heads, but the ones you sell to other people.

Balaclava heads-- sew the 'clava liner to the neck flaps to make it pretty, make sure there's no exposed foam around the mouth, eyes, etc. What about static-jawed characters where you can see the human mouth if you look at the wrong angle? Should I spend time trying to cover that up somehow (maybe with a layer of buckram or something), or is that a neccessary evil and not worth the ventilation blockage/my time?

Plastic mesh heads- am I supposed to line/pad the inside only on the skin contact points (like the inside of a bike helmet) or all over? Are people expecting the inside to look like an arts and crafts table barfed and they should be wearing a balaclava anyway?

Does the price of a furhead hinge equally on how well it looks on the outside as well as on the inside? Do people not care all that much, as long as the outside is pretty, the inside is comfortable and the whole thing is not going to fall apart?

I ask because I have a few older heads I'm not using and would like to sell for pocket change but I would be really embarrassed if I unknowingly broke some taboo (I wasn't intending to sell them so I made them comfortable but not aesthetically pleasing on the inside). Pretty much all the tutorials I've seen about head construction only talk about the outside and I've never seen another fursuit IRL so I don't have any points of reference :T

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sorry to post in such rapid succession, but i couldn't resist ^^ this is why i asked about the bottom of the tongues. a very helpful furhideandbone member snapped me some quick pics, and i went ahead and made my two part mold today, and this is how the test pull came out! it's a little bubbly, but i wasn't sure how much to fill it, and had to open the mold to add more >.< but without further ado, my canine tongue! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5186926/

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