February 2nd, 2011


Boxing trunks for a suit?

Debuting next year at AC 2012 will be a fullsuit of mine, a boxing wildcat. He needs a pair of boxing trunks though. I'm not entirely sure what I want to use pattern or material wise. he's a completely g-rated suit, but would be somewhat out of character if he was trunk-less. Any ideas?

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Different Ears?

 Hello all!

This is a mask I refurbished recently. At first I liked the ears on it but now I am having second thoughts. I'm debating on ripping these ears off and making the new ears completely black with white fluff/felt on the inside of the ear. 

The character is a prehistoric snow leopard / sabretooth type kitty. 

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UV reactive/night glow long paws

Finished paws for a commissioner from FA

extra long paws made with really soft dense fur, latex pawpads and sculpey claws.
There is some elastic at the edges of the hand paws to give extra support when wearing them.

both claws and pawpads glow in the dark and are UV reactive:

UV = green
dark = green

UV - blue
dark - aqua

sadly my camera doesnt show the brightness and colour of the actual glow ^^;;
the green pawpads on the right, is actually an aqua blue than acid green (managed to maintain some original colour this time round)