February 8th, 2011


Thank you

I want to say thank you for having such a great reference for information on the web. I'm not into the furry scene But I am constructing a suit of the Mcdonald's Grimace for the upcoming bonnaroo music and art festival. I believe with the information contained here you have saved me many days of frustration. thank you again.

Octopus man

So i'm interested in turning this plush into a head.
The shape I don't think i'll have a problem with and darts with make the tantacles curly. My issue is where and how to place vision. Should I move the eyes torwards the front more and use tear ducks with the eyes? Suggestions on other methods are welcomed.

I'll be useing red seal fur for this project and i'll probly sew in the burgany spots. He'll have white under tentacles. I want the whole octopus to be the head. Thanks for any help or comments.

So it seems bayru in the post about me got some really good answers to basicly the same problem i'm haveing. It looks like best way to keep the realism that I wanted would be to make two of the pattern spots up frount with buckram so I can see and possibly around the eys for venilation.