February 10th, 2011


Wild Dog Head Finished! (and bonus partial!)

Hi all! :) Wolfie here. Long time stalker first time poster here. I've been making suits since I was 12 on and off, but they never amounted to anything particularly amazing...[more lolz-y than anything!] A year ago I tired my hand at it again and was able to make myself a partial I was pretty pleased with. Surprisingly, a local fur then commissioned me for a head. :)

So....Fur Couture Studios kinda came into existence. o.o' I'm unaware of how to post pics directly into these posts just yet...so I hope links are ok for now! ^w^

Wild Dog Link:

Other pics of the head: (....there are a LOT of wip shots. Be forewarned! ;D)

also! I have yet to create a formal photo post for my personal partial- but here a few of here you can see too! :) [Fyi- I'm fixing her up a littttle bit and I'll be posting up a nice clean photo montage type thing for her in the next few days or so. ;) ]
Wolfie link:

So many links. D8> Oh my. I do hope this isn't too much for one post. >.<;;

But! What does everyone think? :) I had a positive experience with my first commission and I'm interested in doing another. I want honest opinions on my skill level though. I want to be fair on pricing too. And if my skill isn't up to par I'm fine hearing that as well~! :)

There are things with both pieces I am NOT happy with. Such as the eye markings on the wild dog. They aren't completely symmetrical and that.....irks me. BAD.
Wolfie just needs a better shave. And new eyes if I can work them in. Plus a new tongue. Her current one was a 2-am-i-need-to-finish-this-comic-con-is-tomorrow type decision. >.< Maybe a new zipper too....hmmmm...>>

Oh! Everything is hand stitched and made solely by myself. :3 Except for the teeth (plastic!) and Wolfie's old feetpaws seen in the pics! (But I'm making her a new set on my own now. )

so..... any feedback? :)
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DFs Extra Long Fur Review

Extra Long Fur Review:


I thought you all ought to know that Distinctive Fabrics "Extra long fur - white" (the 3" pile) is NOT 64" wide. It's only 58" wide. Unlike DFs 2" fur, this 3" fur seems to have very large unusable selvages on BOTH sides. By "unusable", I mean that the fur is melted and matted together and aims in the wrong direction. I only have experience with the White, so this may or may not apply to their other colors.

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I'm kinda forced to used this fur but I'm not sure if it'll look right sitting next to a snow white DF fur. I might have to blend the two colors together by airbrush for it to look right. I dunno. I really wanted the 3" fur to be the same color as the snow white.

Any idea of what I should do?
Opossum, Bite

Opossum wip

Full pics:

Im rather happy how this turned out. Curvy but tasteful imo But a new set of eyes might find something i over looked

This is going to be a female opossum fursuit.

Help matching fur colors please?

Hey guys I'm hoping someone can help me find, or sell me a not so common color.
I'm starting a project for someone soon and need to find a blueish gray kinda similar to Fake Fur Fabrics
Frosted Mongolian blue, but one that dosn't require me to make a 8yrd minimum purchase.

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Reshaping a Face

 In my rush to finish Piston before TFF, I allowed a few mistakes in shaping through past the foaming stages. Now with little use for him until MFF and some time on my hands, I'd like to know the best ways to add or remove from him to make him more dog-like. I already knew he'd get called a cat several times, so I wasn't too bummed out. I need to make him look more like a pit bull, though!

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Just FYI: DF Silver Reorder

 This isn't the actual sales post, mods, if this is not ok (the last time I commented I think Dia said it was a no-no, but then the comment was removed, so I'm not really sure) please delete, but:

A lot of people have been looking for a light shade of DF Grey, I know a wholesale shop where I can order some and I am reordering a bolt or more, depending on how much people want. 

The pre-order post is here: