February 12th, 2011

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does any one have 2 full yards of black cubby fur?

Ok, I'm starting to panic a little. I need more black cubby fur to finish my suit for FWA and CRs Crafts has it on backorder with an estimated date of early march-Much too late!!. I really would like to keep the same black fur throughout my suit...I've looked all over the net and eBay to no avail. So, does anyone have any? I'd need at least 2 yards (60" wide). I'd pay for it and shipping asap! Maybe I could even draw an icon as extra thanks :3

EDIT: Bought some other black fur....situation under control :3
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Mount Royal

Behold, it is done!

About three weeks' worth of stabbing myself with pins and burning the crap outta my fingers with hot glue. I think I got a skillup for this one. Yeah, I learned a lot and there are some things I won't do again, but on the whole I think I did pretty well with it :3 Thanks for your help with construction tips and choosing the eyes (I went with #5, since it was the most popular one).

Collapse )More pics can be found in my FA gallery, clicky-clicky
Back view

Head detail

WIP, pre-eyes and pre-shaving, foamwork.

inb4 "go airbrush it!", I do not own one yet :C

Also, sorry the post is a little drive-by, we have company coming over and he'd get kinda weirded out by all this XD

Features: all foam construction, handsewn seams (blanket stitch), balaclava base (which has been sewn to the neck flaps like a liner), polar fleece, two different kinds of fur (2" and 3"), plastic bowl eyes, static jaw, one size fits all (21.5"-24"... smaller folks like myself can wear glasses very comfortably without them fogging up), and zipper-free because the neck is loose enough. The tail is made with 10 segments to preserve fur direction and is filled only with Polyfil (no wires, no foam cores) and attaches via 2 belt loops.

Yeah, he'll be for sale later. But not tonight (see above note about company).