February 13th, 2011

Traveler - Garlface


Fiddled with the muzzle after realizing it wasn't just me who thought I looked a little foxy. No offense foxes, just that I'm a wolf and don't want to be a fox :]

Did some fine tuning with the muzzle and added the teef :D

The nose isn't the real one, that's just a ghetto color-job to visualize where it exactly will be.
Ears are just placeholders for now as well. Feel free to comment on size ratio if you feel they need to be bigger/smaller.
Also, no tongue cause I'm lazy and never feel like making tongues.

EDIT: Redid the eyes and face padding a little.


After eye resetting.

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4-way stretch lycra/spandex in black?

I've been searching and searching, I'm not able to find 4-way stretch in black with the specifications below.

4-way stretch
Cotton + Spandex/Lycra

I'm wanting a cotton mix for the sweat absorbing qualities. Other mixes are fine too, this is also a research post.

Does anyone have a good source for spandex/lycra?
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Fursuit in progress: WIP, critic wanted!

Hey! I've been lurking here for a while now, but I decided to make an account here yesterday after someone from FAF pointed me out this would be a great spot to get critique on my work. I started my very first suit of my horse fursona Nae. It's not the perfect beginner suit as she'll have a moving jaw, follow me eyes, a three color pattern, digitgrade legs (I just know I misspelled that =.=), hoof hands and hoof feets. As an extra I'd like to try to make real horse shoes under the hooves.



Body, sideview

Body, front and back

The WIP is under the cut. :] *Edit: I tried making the cut thing but I didn't get it to work. I did <lj-cut text="A piece of text here">The rest of my entry</lj-cut> but it didn't work. What am I doing wrong?*

>I'd love some critic on the head. Are the eyes too deep? Or maybe they're too deep in the head (or the surroundings around the eyes need trimming instead?) I'm not sure about the front view, but I think she has a really cute expression now from the sides (but that may just be because I've spend serveral days and made over 10 misformed/wrong eyes so I guess I'll be biased. D: That's why I need objective points of view). I noticed she doesn't look straight forward, but a little bit up. It doesn't bother me, but I'll make a second version of eyes with slightly smaller pupils to see how it works out. I haven't glued in the eyes yet anyways.

She'll get black outer eyelines so her eyes still look a little plain, but I think I should do that after furring? o.o Or maybe a layer black before and a layer black after furring?

I noticed the cheeks are uneven, too. And boxy. I'm currently trying to fix it. The nose is longer then the concept art. I started out with a smaller nose but she looked more like a cow (before I glued down the ears, I could even hold the ears on the sides and she'd look like a perfect cow XD) so I added a bit foam to mak it more obvious it's a horse. The nose seems off too, so I'll attempt to even that out.

I'm still looking for the right furs. I love Mendels' Spunky Muppet but the Camel they have is too light. I love their chocolate brown tho, it would totally work with a darker brown. I also have a swatch of the short furred (plush?) Camel, that one is 1-2 shades darker and perfect, but too short for the body. I wanted to use the short fur for the head so I don't have to trim (I'll burst into tears if I mess up. D8 Ok, wel, maybe not, but you get what I mean). So now I'm still looking for a light brown like the Spunky Muppet Camel, just a 1-2 shades darker like the short furred plush Camel. If anyone has tips of where I could look, it'd be appriciated. :] I'm currently digging through memories to find fur shops. Sadly DF fur is out if the question for me, I live in Europe and they don't ship internationally. Also, they plush white is slightly off with the Spunky muppet white. I want to use the plush white for the nose and the Spunky Muppet white for the markings (I want longer fur for the white arms/legs to create socks tho, I still haven't found nice long white fur for this) so I think since the white markings are fairly small and far from the nose you don't notice it's a bit off-white? Or is that not the case? Should I look for another white plush/seal/beaverish fur instead?

I'm also looking for Delight clay for the hoofs and hands. I haven't found a shop where they sell it, atleast not in Europe. Is there an alternative clay I could use? I don't think I can use clay which I need to bake, as putting a shoe in the oven would be a bit tricky. XD If I can't find anything close to Delight clay, what else could I use? I'm also thinking about just ordering it from a USA shop.

I'm sorry for the amount of questions, but I guess that's where this journal is for? :] Also, I've never used LJ before (except of just searching tutorials and such), if I post a new WIP/update on my suit, should I make a new topicthingy or just change the OP? Or how does it work here?

Finally, the WIPS. : 3

Youtube video

Front view

Sidish view


Neigh o3o

*waits for facepalm comments about the Tokio Hotel poster in the background* :duh: I can't help it, the singer is too cute. XD
maui, dolphin

Fabric Websites

I am wondering what are members favorite places to buy fur online?
I am having a tough time of finding fabric I want to use, and I am running out of shopping locations locally. I really don't want to have to go to Britex Fabrics in San Francisco.
Opossum, Bite

form fiting suit fail

my skin tight opossum fits great. I just pull it on like a shirt...... but thiers a down side. I got stuck O.o. It took too people to get me out. So i whent back and added in a 4 inch V to the back.. and got stuck agine. I think im missing something. http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t41/twizler_skunk/IMG_5665.jpg I was gonna have the suit crotch entry, but i think that ideal is dead . Right now i can move fine and it hugs me perfectly.