February 14th, 2011


Attatching Pads

Quick question,
Can I use gorilla glue to attach latex pawpads to a handpaw?
The lady whom I bought them off suggested superglue, but mum's used it all, and I'd like to avoid going out to buy more right now as moolah is a bit tight :P

If it's a bad idea and I'm likely to kill myself, do say, I'm totally paranoid and hate using any adhesive besides hotglue, but as we know hotglue and latex as useless together!

Thanks in advance! :)

movie clip of UV pawpads

Thought this might be a better visual for you to see the pawpads glowing,
unfortunatly I only have a UV led torch rather than an actual blacklight, so it should glow a lot better than this with its appropriate colour ^^;;
I think you can just see the blue glow around the edges of the pink spotlight.

I hope to share how i make these sometime soon, however i am still coming across a lot of problems which soemtimes hinders the casting, so once those are solved, i can make a tutorial ^^

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new sewing machine i got for free :3

So I always have to sew my stuff by hand which is very time consuming... But today my neighbor surprised me with a new sewing machine! well sorta.... There are some other people in my neighborhood who are moving out so they were getting rid of a bunch of stuff they didn't have room for or didn't want anymore.... and behold a sewing machine was in that category :D its not exactly brand new.. its a Sears Kenmore model 158.17550 it was made in the early 70's. But it still works amazing! My neighbor (the one who picked it up for me) she tested out so she did all the threading and bobbins and stuff.. but now i gotta learn how do to it all. I have to experiment with the tensions and stuff like that... any one have any experience with these machines? any info helps a bunch

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Do a Barrel Roll!

Hello everyone! I'm new here, and have a few questions.  ^^;

After watching this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S48_3WvgukY

I really want to make a Starfox suit (not sure if it will be as good as the one above).

I've read through the memories (there are lots! ^^) but I'm still not really sure how to go about making his jaw move when the head shape sort of sweeps around..... Any advice on making it move without having to add those ugly points where the cheek sinks into the head? (where the bottom jaw meets the cheek on a hinge jaw).  From what I've seen and heard the elastic balaclava technique doesn't really work well? (unless I've been misinformed)

Also, what fur do you think they used on that?
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Crafty Matrices

How to shave fake fur video how-to!

I just finished up a video tutorial on how to shave fake fur! This demonstrates the technique I use for shaving any kind of fake fur (featured is Distinctive Fabrics/Promo Shag kind of fur - the one everyone reports is "hard to shave"). Shown is a plush I am working on, but this is extremely relevent to fursuiting because I do the technique exactly the same way for any fursuit piece I ever need to shave the fur down on.

Let me know what you think, of course! :3
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Instead of a DTD...

...Can I just buy a jumpsuit pattern, make a suit out of cheap clothing, then adjust it to my size (which I guess may take a while, I don't mind), cut out the patterns and trace on cardboard? I'm claustrofobic when it comes to things like that, and the overall idea of being taped up doesn't sound very apealing. I will do it if it's the only way of getting a form fitting bodysuit tho, but I'm looking at alternatives first.

Would it be doable? If so, is it much harder (I don't mind it being harder but when it requires me to be a suit-building-veteran it won't be very possible for me to do)? Am I able to create a form fitting suit with this (as long as I don't use stretchy fabric for the test suit ofcourse)?

I also want digitigrade legs, which could be a problem. :/ Maybe I could just make a DTD of my lower body for the digitigrade legs? I don't mind doing that, it doesn't make me feel as claustrofobic as when I have to have my chest/arms taped up.

Any input is appriciated. :]
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Quadsuit tail/harness

 So ived noticed have no idea how go about making a harness and tail to match the body of my uber wip quadsuit. looked through the memories and found nothing that helps, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas of hw could go about making a harness that both would fit. snugly and support the weight of heat bent pvc and fur any suggestions/ideas would be great, examples would be fantastic, not that im expecting any examples..