February 16th, 2011

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Roos, Tails, Skunks, Piercings and Tats!

I plan to finally dive into making a suit. I'll first make a skunk, a CANDY skunk called Kisses. She will be a sultry femme suit. I have two questions regarding her future construction. Her skunk tail. I know I don't want it standing up parallel to the back but I'm not sure how to go about making it otherwise. Would a carved foam tail be really heavy? How would I clean such a thing?

If she goes well I plan on switching genders and making my Soda Roo, Xist based off of Sunkist. He will be 4 times more difficult than Kisses. He'll have digigrade legs, tattoo like blue markings and piercings (labret, industrial and captive beads rings). My questions for him are of course about how to go about making the piercing jewelry, what's the best method for sewing in his markings and how should I do the digitgrade under suit? I'm thinking of something that I can have the padding sewn onto it.

The ref sheets will be redone with more detail in preparation for this process. All skunk and roo suit pictures are VERY welcome. Thanks in advance for any and all advice :3

A quick n00b question

As a follow up to my previous post, for the orangey-brown parts of Scias' head and neck, I was thinking of White Wolf's Fox fur in Rust, but I wasn't able to find on her site if she sends swatches or not. Does she, and if so, where would I order one? And if not, does anybody have a tiny scrap of this fur they'd be willing to send me? I'll PM you with shipping details if you'll oblige.

Thanks a ton! ^^;
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Fursuit in progress: opinion wanted!

 Hey there,

I was experimenting with the eyes of the horse head I'm working on. I made a proto-type eye with a smaller pupil/iris like most fursuits seem to have. It doesn't have a pupil and it looked freaky -asinundeadhorsewantstoeatyourbrainsfreaky- without a white spot in it so I added one in Paint to make the opinions not based on that. I'm not sure with which of the two styles I want to go, what do you guys think?

Don't mind the really weird shape of the head, the light makes it seam it has a huge tumor on it's nose. o.x Just look at the eyes. The pics at the top is the eye with the smaller pupils/irisses, the one at the bottom is the current eye(s) I have, they have larger pupils/irisses.


Also, someone mentioned the eyes would be too small. At first I didn't get it but now that I think about it; the white outline will be covered with fur/covered with a black outline, so it might actually be too small. :/ Fur adds bulk too. I hate heads with too small eyes so I would like to fix it if this is the case on my head. XD Again, before I start cutting in my precious head; what do you guys think?

Another picture of the head/(current) eyes


Thanks for the input!

Fur help

Hi guys, sorry to bug you all at this hour, but I was curious. I'm making a GSD fursuit head sometime in the near future, and I wanted to ask what length of fur would work. It's a liver and tan (brown and tan) GSD, and I've decided to use crscraft seal fur for most of the face. But as you can see in this picture http://s139.photobucket.com/albums/q305/Garage_band_punk_104/?action=view&current=fursuitfur.png I'm stuck on the neck fur. I want a fur that will match the 'coffee brown' seal fur, but I want it longer, maybe 2" if possible. If you guys know of any good furs to help with this problem I'd appreciate it, or if you can suggest different furs for the face, what would be cool too. Thank you guys for helping me again.

husky tail

hey its me again! well i didnt butcher apart the tail. but it is extremely light and i moved the elastics up to make it fit tight. but now if i wag my butt, the tail flops to the side. heres a photo of the tail and how it attaches to the belt (the belt is the green bit) i've tried adding two elastic strips to the bottom that reach to the belt for support but it did nothing. i was planning on wearing it to a bowling meet on sunday. but i dont want it to keep sagging. please help.
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