February 19th, 2011

Hildegarde Lynx

The lynx is now complete. I tried a few new things especially with the hair. I am very pleased with the outcome. This was my first feline. Thanks to everyone who has helped with crit and advices.

I am aware of the mistakes on the head and what I need to focus on to improve for future reference.

Edit: Come to think about it.. Are there other major issues besides the symmetry (foam and pattern symmetry issues) I need to take into consideration?  (I also know about the eye but I have already ironed it so if i start to paint on top im afraid it will bleed?)

Now for pictures:
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grinning djinn

Goblin Head Concerns

Hello again! I still haven't gotten past the planning stages of my goblin costume yet, and I have more questions.

It should be mentioned that I am flip-flopping over whether or not to attempt it myself (it'd be my first head) or commissioning someone.

These are my thoughts so far - I know that I posted one of the images here before but it's relevant to some of my questions even though this post is focused on the head construction.
(click for larger)

I'd be using the foam/balaclava method.

Questions -

1. I need to use fleece for her head (as I labeled, the fluffy parts are DF sparkle fur). I considered using Antron, or "muppet" fleece, but it seems extremely hard to find and very expensive. The problem is, I need the head material to match the bodysuit (which would also be fleece). I couldn't dye the antron the exact color as anti-pill fleece.
I want to hide the seams really well so she seems more real rather than something made. Will Joann's anti-pill fleece work for this?
Also, can fleece be airbrushed? Somehow I don't really think so. (I'd be using acrylics and toothbrushes btw)

2. I ideally want to use black buckram for the sclera ('whites' of the eyes, hers are black) and have small taxidermy eyes for the pupils. Is this possible to do and have decent vision? She's supposed to be somewhere between realistic and toony, so I don't really want tear-duct vision. I kinda drew her eyes too big on the head sketches.

3. What's the best way to accomplish an insane expression? She's supposed to look kinda scary in the way that she's totally unstable. :D

4. What could I make the tongue out of? I want it to be rubbery, bouncy.

And, the most important of all -
Should I just commission it? It would be my first head, and I want it to be perfect, so I'm thinking maybe I should. I don't want to waste money to find out my crafting skills suck.
Can anyone link me to ANY fursuit makers who make more than just dogs (or cats/bunnies/other cutesy toony things)? (Clockwork Creatures is waaaay out of my budget, if they weren't I'd be on them in a heartbeat. I'm thinking $400 at most)
Or. Is anyone willing to take on this project?

Thanks for everything guys! This community is truly awesome.

Fur Recommendations

Hello, all!

I'm back at it after a few years' hiatus. Can anyone recommend a good, smooth-feeling (not cottony like DF's long-pile white) black fur? I'm working on my fursona and my fiance's working on his, and we're trying to find a nice, dark black which is longer but shaves down well and feels plush and thick.

Also, if we do pick the DF long black, would extra-long be better than the long (a 1-inch difference)?

We *love* this short black faux fur duvet thing we found in Bed Bath & Beyond, but at 80 bucks on clearance for a 90 x 90" square of the stuff and considering how short (and a bit too shiny for our liking) it is, we were thinking about passing it up. Joanns' has nothing, either.

Thank you!
Skittle Hug

Sewing Machine Repair / Husqvarna E20

Well, my Singer finally bit the dust (after a year and a half, and over 600 tails as well as several body suits and countless small things) and I don't know if I can repair it. It started acting wonky, and before I could take it in for servicing it stopped working all together. So my hubby and I attempted to open it up to clean the sucker out.... we took out all of the screws but can't seem to figure out how to take the two halves of the machine apart. They don't seem to just pop apart.... Anyway, took her in to my local repair shop (nice guy, real helpful) and he said it'd basically be more worthwhile to just buy a new machine instead of fixing this one, since it'd cost about the same.

I know that typically Viking/Husqvarna machines are supposed to be pretty good sewing machines. The shop had a decent looking used Husqvarna E20 up for sale, for around $175ish. It looked like a decent machine, very similar to the Singer I'd been using but a bit more heavy duty. Has anyone had any experience with this particular machine? Any thoughts? I may pop back into the store on Monday and pick it up if it's got good marks. I can't really seem to find much yea/nay on reviews as far as Google goes but since Husqvarna's generally recognized as a good brand, I figure no news is good news... right? Any other recommendations are welcome, but I'd like to stick around $200-$300 if at all possible.

Additionally, if anyone has experience popping open a Singer (in particular, the cheaper "Confidence" Model) let me know, cause I'd like to clean it out and have it be a back-up back-up machine. :P


I am in the process of making pawpads and wanted to make sure that I have all the right materials and the correct process before I got started.

1. I will make the shape out of non-drying modeling clay.
2. Spray on a release agent (recommended by the lady in the store for the Smooth-On product).
3. Use Smooth-On Liquid Rubber Compound to create a mold.

Now... is where I am stuck. What do I use for a pawpad material and for a releasing agent between the rubber mold and the material used to create the paw pads? I'd like to use a material that can give me a full range of colors for pawpads too.