February 22nd, 2011

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Latest Costume ;)

Hey y'all! It's been a while since I've actually posted a costume but I wanted to show you guys one of the ones I recently finished up. :)

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All of the spots are sewn in! Took me FOREVER. But hey, I really love the results. :) I am also very happy with the overall shape of the head/face. I set the eyes back a little bit farther than I think I would in the future, but overall the costume looks great, the customer is happy with it and I really love how it turned out. :)

Critique is welcome, but please be mindful that this was a commission and the customer has already received the costume. If you have in-depth suggestions you would like to offer, I'd appreciate an e-mail or private note instead. Thanks!

Edit to add:
I apologize for not-so-great lighting on the photos, too. At the time, I didn't have a camera with a working flash. I've since remedied that and have a great new camera so future photos will have better lighting for sure. :)

Hand Paw trouble

hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone had a tutorial on how to make handpwas with different colored fingers then the rest of the hand. I dont reall wanna use foam but im not sure if thats the only way to make em. Can someone help me?


Looking for a fur

After a lot of phone calls and searching I finally decided to ask if you guys have any idea where to find a fur like this. Dark gray sporting black leopard spots. If not like this then at least a charcoal colored fur that I could airbrush the spots on myself. Something short pile would be nice.


Rebound 25 Shelf Life?

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the average shelf life of a bottle of rebound 25 is after it's been opened? I read on the bottle and on the internet that it is greatly reduced once open but I can not seem to find even a hint at the specific time frame. It could be a few days or a month or two for all I've been able to figure out =/

I'm going to be making a mold for resin casting masks in a week or two (waiting for more clay to get in -_- ) but I wanted to make a mold of a jawset I bought in the mean time. But I don't want to risk the rebound going bad before I get the clay and finish sculpting. So yeah, any help would be greatly appreciated!
pat pat

Pricing advice for a resin head base


Hope this is in the right place if it needs to be moved let me know
I have recently sculpted and cast a resin fox mask for the base of a fursute I am building fore my self
The mould is made from platinum cure silicon and has plenty of life still in it, so I was thinking about offering a small number casts of the mask if anybody was interested.
I am thinking about pricing the cast at around £30 to £40 +postage, this would cover material costs and my time.
Bellow are links to the mask in various stages of development


I would very much appreciate advice on my pricing (is it too much ?)and are people intereststed in this sort of thing?

Eddit: A few more pitcher as recwested

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