February 23rd, 2011

Kirin 01 - portrait

Thin Black High Density Padding?

I am looking for 1/8" - 3/16" thick high density black "foam rubber" padding similar to what is used for the "puzzle" floor play mat tiles.   The floor mats I have found are too thick ( 1/2" +) or not black.
Triple Thick Fun Foam would also describe what I want.

I only need about a square foot, and it could be in two 6"x12" pieces or one 6" x 24" strip or even 12"x12".

Does anyone have a source for something like this?

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jen foxworth

light pink felt

I'm looking for some light pink felt. And yes I checked walmart. They had the black and every other color besides light pink. I don't live by Joaans or Michaels or any other fabric store and it seems rather silly of me to pay for a load of shipping just to get some when all I'm making is a tongue. So if any one has a 8X11 piece that they would like to mail me in a little envelope I would appreciate it. If you want I'll make you a badge or something for it.

Lining the inside of a head?

 So- technically this is a question for all foam heads and plastic mesh, etc. (not cast resin or of the such).

While the quick and easy answer would be to just wear a balaclava underneath, I thought about a light lining for the inside of a head for basically convenience (and perhaps even help prevent sweat and such from soaking into the foam as fast).

I was looking up between cotton broadcloth, lycra and such, and was wondering what would be recommended most breathable and comfortable all around (should one not be wearing a balaclava).

Thanks in advance~

A few questions..

Well it finally looks like my carnotaur costume will be finished by Halloween, and thus I have a few questions.

I chose my fabric after ordering several swatches of different reptile fabrics, ive picked this one: http://www.syfabrics.com/View.aspx/Upholstery-PVC/Gray-Upholstery-PVC/855/226
Now im going for the same colored dino as the one in the Disney 2000 film, Dinosaur: http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090827160256/dinosaurs/images/5/5c/Carnotaur.jpg

I was curious if I covered my entire suit (its a puppet like suit, not fursuit) in this gray fabric, and i airbrushed on all the burgandy color, would it stay on? (i.e not rub off, wash off, etc). I have no experience with an airbrush or its paints. A second option for me would be to buy fabric spray paint cans from my local Michaels and spray the fabric. Im only looking for a light coating, not to change the fabric color entirely.

Which is better in your opinion? For those who use airbrushes can I get some pointers/suggestions? Course the cheaper option for me would be to use the kids fabric spray paint cans, but cheapest isnt always better.

Also, any reccomendations on what material i should use to make the teeth and toungue out of? I need something as light weight as possible, yet convincing ;) I also was thinking puff paint or something light for all the body spikes.

For those who are curious, here is a pic of the WIP head (my head does NOT go inside it mind you): http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e255/Shaggy_Griffon/001-17.jpg
http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e255/Shaggy_Griffon/004-4.jpg Glowing resin-cast eyes by the amazing Monoyasha ;)


Perhaps this would give people some ideas...

...regarding quadsuits and centaursuits! (link)

The video's been going around for a while now but I wasn't sure if anyone here had seen it yet. Clearly the ponies' front legs are the wearers' legs, and the back of the costume seems to be connected by some kind of harness. What's interesting about this design is that the back legs seem to just sort of hang out the bottom of the harness slightly above the ground, and they swing back and forth to give the illusion of walking. It seems to work quite nicely in execution, and the issue of the back legs dragging and getting dirty is eliminated.

The heads are also interesting in that the eyes can be manipulated independently, leading me to believe that they and the mouth are controlled not electronically, but manually. As in, by hand. What I am wondering is how the wearer sees.

Anyway, hope this inspires some of you! O: I know it's been giving me ideas.

Look for a fur colour

Hi everyone, i'm wondering if anyone can help. I looking for a half metre of really good quality of fur in this colour (basically a bright yellow with an a little bit of an orange tone)

I'm in the UK but I don't mind importing if the shipping isn't ridiculous. The main thing is the quality level ^^
Will Be default later

Digitigrade pants?

Has anyone tried making digitigrade pants, like jeans, or something to give the illusion they are a digitigrade animal wearing clothes? How did it work? Were wrinkles obvious? Just a little curious. I did a little seeking around but all the results I yeilded were of digitigrade fursuit legs, not... clothing that looks like it's on a digitigrade animal. Thanks!

WTB: 1/2 to 1 yard of CRCraft's/Whitewolf White Fox Fur

CRCraft and Whitewolf are both out of the White Fox fur, so, I wanted to know if someone would be willing to sell me a 1/2 to 1 yard of the fur that they have because I have no idea when it will be back in stock and I've been told it's been out for months not by other fursuit makers.

I need specifically... CR Craft's White fox fur or Whitewolf's (which I think is exactly the same) White fox fur.
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foam around a cap?

just bought myself a cheap baseball cap off ebay.
Thinking of using that as a base for a fursuit head.
I dont want to build off a balaclava, but looking for an alternative.

Just wondering whats the best way to approach this?
Do i attach the foam at the top, then stick the sides together at the edges? Or do i make one huge foam mask?
Am i even in the right direction? i feel so bewildered about this :/

ps/ sorry for the bad mspaint drawings ^^
feel free to respond with mspaint too, itl help me understand better

many thanks

Still having trouble with two colored hand paws

 Fixed the problem. Thank you everyone who helped.

Okay, so this is what i did with the paws i was trying to attempt. I used cruddy fabric and cut out fingers and a base. I used the same color for finger since i had extra of it. It doesnt look very good and i really want to know if someone can do a video step by step turorial or just explain what to do. I sewed the bottom corners of the fingers to the base but from the other side it looks like crap. It may be becuz the fabric is shor hair but yeah..............

Can someone help me