February 25th, 2011

Domafox, 2009

looking for a white fur


I was wondering if anyone had a couple yards of white bunny fur that they would be willing to sell me. I would buy it through my local fabric store, but they aren't sure when they will be getting it in and they are being dumb and lazy about actually ordering it for me. Anyfur who can help would be much appreciated.

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Hobby Lobby's "Premium Poly Foam"?

I was in Hobby Lobby the other day, and noticed that mine finally started carrying upholstery foam. Our local HL is not very good at actually stocking things on a regular basis... it's totally hit-or-miss..! I'd checked for upholstery foam before and they haven't had it until just recently, I guess.

The type they had was called Premium Poly Foam and they had it up to four inches thick.

Have any of you guys used this foam? If so, how did you like it? How well does it hold up for you? I typically use the "green stuff" from Joann's, but my nearest Joann's is about 40 minutes away so buying foam is usually an expensive ordeal for me, as I'll stock up on it so I don't have to make another trip. I'm hoping this stuff is a decent quality, so I can use my 40% off coupons locally rather than having to wait for a sale and make an expensive trek.

Any input you guys have is greatly appreciated! <3
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Finished Snow Leopard partial

I just wanted to thank you guys for all the awesome tutorials and resources in this community.  I finished this partial just before FC but I've been too lazy to post pics.  It's my first suit, so I would love to get some opinions, and critiques.

A few issues I already know about: in this pic, the right handpaw hadn't been sewn to the arm sleeve yet, causing the colors to misalign.  You can see the top of the pants (I'm going to be attaching it to suspenders to counter this problem).  The biggest issue in my opinion is the head.  It was the first thing I made when i started the costume and I've learned quite a bit since then.  My next project is going to be to make a new head.  This time I'll be trying out the balaclava method, and using better foam. 

also, do you guys shave down the fur on the handpaws?  The fur I used is 2 inches long and kind of turns my hand into a big puffball.
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Eye material

 Soo, I'm working on the eyes again. I'll need to make new ones as the ones I have now are too small. The ones I have now are made from white foamies and I glued a paper iris to it. However, I'm not sure if this is the right material for the eyes. :/ Are foamies good for eyewhite, or is there anything better? And well, the paper irisses are a bit meh too. >__>"

I know about plastic bowls, but do they also work for follow me eyes, since they are rounded? I also tried coloring irisses with a marker but it looked even worse, should I just paint on the eye-white instead?

I know how important eyes are ona fursuit head, so I really want to get it right. I've been looking through memories, but all I see is plastic bowls and paper rolls for eyes. :/

LED eye question

I have a fursuit project I'm doing later this year, and it'll require glowing red eyes. I looked around in memories but didn't see anything, maybe I missed it.

#1: How would I lay the LEDs in the resin? They don't need to follow because they won't have pupils, but should I cast them like that, and glue it with the LED between at the top? Should they go in the middle with the wires sticking out the back?

#2: Should I paint the eyes red and use white? Paint the eyes red and use red? Or leave the eyes unpainted and use red?

#3: Should I just leave this to someone who already knows how, who can rig it up to a battery pack for me so I don't mess it up? I'd ask Monoyasha but she's closed for commissions. Do any of you know anyone else who knows LED eyes who would be willing to make some? They're pretty basic, so it (hopefully) shouldn't be too hard... I have no idea since I've never done it myself.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
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Shipping a DTD?

If this is the wrong place to ask, just lemme know.

But um.. how exactly do you pack a DTD to ship off? Like, what would be the best way to fold it? Or do I just kind of.. roll it up? This whole DTD thing is way confusing to me. I don't know how you people do it. X___x
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More WIPS!

I come bearing more WIPs of my wolf!
I's so cute, oh goodness!
The fabric isn't glued down, I just pinned it on to show you guys!
A long way to go from here. Gotta add my complex face markings @___@

Lookit my cute little woofybutt though! Ahhh! So excited to see him finished!

Oh the head is pretty much done being trimmed. The longer part on the from of the nose is intentional.

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Olivine I. Cinnabur

Long long fur?

I was curious. Where to the top makers get the nice long manes for fursuit heads? Not just shaggy fur but I heard it was bison fur or something like that? I've no idea what it's called at all or how one would apply it (If it has seams or something.) If you can't give out your secrets, I understand. I just figured I would ask.