February 27th, 2011

Furring A Moving Jaw?

I checked the memories and back a ways in the "moving jaw" posts, but I cant seem to find anything. I was wondering if there was a certain way to fur a moving jaw to keep it moving well? Its my first successful moving jaw on a suit and I'd like it to stay that way! 

ant to join a fursuit building group/ night in the L.A. or O.C. area of California?

This is also posted on fursuit lounge

Want to join a fursuit building group/ night in the L.A. or O.C. area of California?

Are there any Los Angles or Orange County furs interested in attending and participating in a fursuit building night/group?

We would help each other get started and give tips on building suits. Sometimes it is nice to have someone else to show your work too and get instant feedback. It is also a nice social event and a way to meet other suit makers local to the area. People do not need prior experience but would need to bring their own supplies and whatnot.

I started a group like this when I lived in the Sacramento area and would love to start something similar in this area. I believe quite awhile ago my boyfriend Moguri tried to start up a similar group in the Pasadena area which did not have much success due to the low number of furs in the area.

I live in the Long Beach area and am only a few minutes drive away from the L.A./ O.C. county border. I have a nice size apartment where we could meet on a monthly to semi-weekly basis depending on people’s availability.

If you are interested please leave a comment with your e-mail.

If any group like this is already in existence and is accepting new members please let me know.