March 1st, 2011

First fursuit head.. all foam. Help? D:

I'm making my first fursuit head entirely out of foam. (It's cheap and seemed simpler.) I followed a tutorial I found on Matrices..
Now I'm stuck and would love some advice/critique on what the heck to do next.. Here are my problems:

-Head's a bit too tight, I can get it on, but it's suuuuper snug. (Like nearly suffocating.)

-I put the jaw too high up. There's barely any room for my chin, without making the mouth hang open like a weirdo.

-I'm completely lost on how to shape the bottom part to look more head-like instead of a rounded.. foam.. thing. :<

I'm guessing I have to either add more foam to the top of the head to bring down the jaw, or take out the jaw all together?

Critique welcome, but it's my first ever experience working with foam/ making a costume of any kind (started it last night) and that it's still not that close to being finished. (Probably gunna tear off that cheek and make it bigger.. as well as reposition the ear, besides whatever I need to do to make it more head-shaped and to fix the jaw.. and obviously add some eyebrows and such. Yeah.. )

Here's some pictures of what I have so far..

Ooh and sorry for crappy pictures. ;P Taken with my DSi as my camera is dead.

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Wonderland Vote: Results!

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For those who participated in our Wonderland Vote, the results are in and construction has begun!

We were both really surprised at just how close the voting was. In the end, the Purple/Pink cheshire cat and the March Hare won by only a few votes! Thank you to all who participated, it really helped us gauge your interest in our designs. c:

Here's a sneak peek of both heads just after they were dummied this past weekend:

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We will have one of these finished ASAP and up for sale next week, as well as more pics to come as we continue to make progress. Feel free to follow our ststudios account if you're interested in seeing more progress pics and update-age! We'll have more sneak peeks of things we'll have for sale at FWA and AC this year in the next week or so. :D
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Fursuit making groups on FA?

For those of you who use FurAffinity, I'm sure you're well aware of all the different variety of groups that are available to +watch. I was curious to know if there is any fursuit community equivalent on FA. I know there is a "fursuitmakers" user group, however that serves as more of just a list of capable fursuit makers, and not so much of the helping others, tutorials, advice, etc (like here).

I think it would be a great idea to have something like this on FA, while this community here is AMAZING, not everyone uses or wishes to navigate LiveJournal, I thought it might be good to expand over to FA if there is not such a group for that already. I myself could volunteer to help create such a usergroup, but I wouldn't want to do it alone. >___<

What does fursuit think? :3
Also, here is my FA journal regarding this topic -
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Fixing a Twist?

I  recently commissioned a maker for a tail, but it's really twisted so instead of curving out from my body, it curves back into my leg. It really shouldn't have been sent out this way, but the event I want to wear it to is soon. :(

My question is, is it possible to fix a twist like this?  The tail is hand-sewn, but I'm not very experienced with fursuit-making myself and want to get some opinions if it's worth it/possible before I'd try and take it apart. Any advice would be much appreciated (including any tips on making sure it doesn't twist again, though I read a past entry on that too!)

Thanks  :D

DF stringy fur

Since my friend doesnt have a live journal account I told her I would ask all of you because I thought some of you guys and gals could help because im not sure about this. She wants to use df pink and blue stringy fur but she's not sure if its good to use to make a fullsuit out of. Like if its difficult to work with and is it hard to brush. Also if any of you know where to find a stringy white that is similar to df stuff.

Thanks in advance. :)

Here, Kitty Kitty

 I really hate asking because there is usually so much information here, but does anyone have some references of kitten suits.
I really need foamwork WIP references but it seems hard to find

I checked the memories but didn't find much.