March 3rd, 2011

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Fuzzy skunk wip

Heya everyone!
I was wondering if anyone could give me some crit on the suit commission I'm doing at the moment. I don't mind really, really harsh critique but could you please message or email it to me ^^

I think I've improved since my last one! This is head #4!
Hope everyone likes it, suggestions and crits are greatly appreciated- I hate thinking I've sent the head away unfinished!
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I know there are a few posts in the memories section covering this, but I'm still a bit unsure. I -plan- the keyword here is plan, on flying to California for Califur this year, and I'm not sure what is the safest, most cost effective way to send a suit?

The bodysuit itself I'm not too worried about, but the head has huge ears which I fear might gt crushed, and I'm a bit paranoid to bring it as a carry on, for fear of poking people with it, and just being a nuisance, since the planes I ride on for some reason, are always the one packed like sardine cans.

Should I just invest in a hard like....travelbag, and put it in there? I was even contemplating mailing it, but I'm afraid that will cost me a fortune. Plus, they charge you for extra bags now, and I'm trying to figure out a way to do this, without it costing me an arm and a leg, or accidentally end up destroying the suit.

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Plastic for eyes-

I have a local supplier who I can buy bulk sheets of plastic ( the same kind as the sterilite bowls, just a little thinner and can be gently heat molded) and was wondering if anyone was interested in some? It's $5(plus $2 shipping USA $3 international) for a 12x12 sheet and I can work out over sizes/prices.
It's easier than buying a huge 4x8' sheet and having it sit forever haha.
If anyones interested I'll go back and talk to him and work something out, I know it's a) hard to find the right bowls and b) annoying to waste the rest of the bowl



Maybe I'm blind, but I can't find any tutorials or anything on how to make decent (LONG) headfur.

is there a way to get a decent long haired look out of using faux fur instead of a wig?

Horns to headband.

 What would you recommend to attaching cast solid resin horns to a head band?

My intention is to have them on the same band as some "over-the-ear" ears, so I'll most likely be using an elastic band. They weigh less than a pound, and around about 4 inches long, 2 inches high, and roughly an inch wide flat bottom.

Or do you recommend having them on a completely separate band than the ears?

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Black and White Wolf

Hey, Long time, no post. The fur shortage combined with being sick a lot, and back to back cons (sac-anime was the weekend right before FC) costume making took a back seat for a while as my art and story muse came back to life for the first time in 3 years...and held me hostage...looots of Zelda fanart happened last month and a 30 chapter zelda fanfic .__. 

Athem. *coughs
Anyway, I just barely got this done on time. I managed to snag a yard of MM white fox like juts last week (which I have been out of since before Xmas and it will not be in stock for a few more weeks) and was able to get at least this order finished (everything on my list that is due before June needs fur that I cannot get) I am so glad I did not have to miss their deadline due to the got dang fur shortage.
hands by artslave btw
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Vision Through Globe Eyes

I'm currently working on another head which will have a bunch of new firsts for me, including 3D eyes made from those clear plastic Christmas ornaments. When I tried on the head to check the eye placement with the globes in place (not glued in), I realized that vision through the eyes was distorted. The effect was similar to being underwater and looking up at the surface. While I could still see and move around without too much difficulty, I'm concerned that vision will be really difficult after adding the buckram inside. Is this just part of having globe eyes, or should I be doing something different?

Another question! With globe eyes, how do I go about attaching the actual whites/iris part to the globes without there being obvious seams/glue showing? If it makes a difference, I'm specifically trying to make this type of eyes. If anyone has any advice or tutorials for making nice, clean 3D globe eyes, please let me know!
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pawpad colour samples - UV/glow

I was asked about different colours and what is possible with the glow in the dark effect.
So here are some coloured pads I have recently been working on.

The top two are a commissioned pair for two colours: purple and blue

The pink ones next to it have not been made to glow in the dark, it is a dusty pink, for a more realistic colour. surprisingly, it does glow slightly of purple under UV light ^^;;

The bright green and pink ones are made with the absence of white, giving it a more translucent look to it - but appears more fluorescent.

The blue ones are just regular blue ones that I have been making - some digits glow brighter due to them being made from different batches (I had a patch of bad casts recently and had to ditch a load D:)

The mismatched colours are the odd pieces that I had messed around with. Yellow glows VERY well in the dark, and the orange glows vividly under UV light.

I'm currently in the process of making a pair of fluorescent orange ones.

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the inside of a head

I've only started to make heads on commission, and I'm wondering what's acceptable and not as far as finish work inside of a head. I also haven't seen many samples from other makers in person to really get a feel for how people treat the insides.

So, what do you do to the inside of your heads to make them look or feel nice, and professional? What are some things that would be pretty disappointing to see inside an otherwise well done head?

Pics of the inside of heads would be great too, if you had some   :)