March 5th, 2011

Foam block size?

I'm thinking of ordering a block of foam from that's big enough for me to just carve everything down to the size I want.

Assuming I'm making a head for a person with a 24 inch circumference noggin and assuming I'm making a general canine, how big would you suggest I order when not including the ears? Also, moderate or firm? If it helps any, here's a link to the form I'm filling out:

If you also have any other stores to recommend that allow online payment and ship to my home please let me know.
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Kanekalon vs NFT Fur vs Yarn Hair?

Hey this is my first post here and I couldn't really find any definite answers on these materials on what could work the best for a well executed look. I will be starting a suit in late May early June that has a maned wolf mane but on the head it has a hair style. 

Maned wolf -
Somewhat hairstyle desired -

(obviously they are not my photos, just found on google search for reference)

I know that the pile should be about 5 - 7" in length. My materials that I am working with are DF quality 2" furs. Which would you suggest that would work best to give this suit the most well executed look? I am still fairly new at suit making, as this will be my second one, but any and all suggestions on what would look best would be most appreciated.

Thank you~
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Newest suit! Streaks the Skunk!

:D Just finished off this partial commission, a person off of FA. She has an event next weekend, so I had to mail it off quickly. Kinda sad for me, I finish it at night and had to mail it off in the morning, she was gone so fast :'( ... lol

In that short time of having her I was able to take a few pictures and a short video: (hah- I know it is dumb)

But any-who, This consists of a head, hands and tail. The head has a zipper neck, and the tail stands off its own! :D

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Denver Fabrics fur?

Hey, just wondering if anyone's had experience with this fur? . I'd be using it as the secondary colour on my fullsuit, with DF's lavender being the primary colour, and I wanted to know if anyone has had experience working with these two furs together, like if the piles will match up ok or if the Denver Fabric's is noticably shorter and will look odd on a bodysuit. Here's my ref to get an idea of where the secondary colour will go -

So yeah, any help?

Mendel's "Werewolf" fur?

I'm thinking about ordering some now for a future fursona project, since they've got the 25% sale going on. So has anyone used Mendel's "werewolf" fur? Is the texture nice? I'd love to see some pictures of any suits that have used it. If there are any other dark brown "natural" looking furs out there that may be better, I'd love to see some other recommendations.
It's on this page. Just Ctrl+F search "werewolf" and it should pop up.


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resin based heads

Plastic obviously doesn't breathe like foam does. How do you make them not stuffy inside? With the jaw closed, how do you breathe? I have nostril holes in mine, and they're big enough in the snout (beak in my case) to add in a fan, but am I overlooking some simple secret to making them breathable?

edit -

one of the heads I'm working on right now, a WIP. The beak closes very well, so with it closed it there's no where for the air to come from or go except to build up hot air in the beak. The nostrils holes help a little bit. But it's still a bit like breathing with a plastic cone strapped to your airways.

I may be overthinking it or worrying for nothing since I haven't really worn that many other maker's heads to compare it to.