March 6th, 2011


measuring question

for my silicone casting i mix as small of an amount at a time as is necessary, sometimes down to one oz of mix. i'm having a smidge of trouble measuring my pigments accurately at such a small quantity... i've started using TAP plastic's resin pigments, which aren't liquid, but sort of a paste like peanut butter. the black is a liquid, and i use an eyedropper and measure by drops with that one, so i'm talking small small quantities. what could i use to measure out tiny quantities of my pigments by volume? i thought insulin syringes minus the needle, because they come in sizes down to 3/10 cc, but idk if they would even be able to draw this pigment in... any clever suggestions? i really don't want to get a scale for this if i don't have to >.
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Spray Paint Spray Paint?


Right, so resuming from an earlier post on airbrushing. I was reminded of a class I'd one attended on graffiti. Where they told us they were using potatoe starch based paints, which was safe, and also sticks and stays to everything. Including clothes. So upon this, i went on a search, but to no avail. And still don't fancy the use of actual spray paints on my fursuits. 

But what i did find was these . So according to the lovely Demo video at the bottom of the page, there all safe. And the colour selection isn't too bad either. There is also upholstery spray which i can't see a problem with using.  And stencil spray which is essentially the same as fabric paint but with some different colours.

(ps they sell puff paint!)


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Jaw help?

Hi there, I've been working on a fursuit mask based on Komickrazi's tutorial. It's coming out pretty good, I'm just having troubles with the jaw... I mean, should I use elastic like in the tutorial or should I make it out of something different? If anyone has any info or good ideas, please comment. Also here are some pictures of it.

Edit: here's a link to the tutorial. Sorry about that. ^^;;
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Choosing the right fur?

Edit: I forgot to add: does the off-white Punky Muppet of Mendels match Mendels white shag/white seal/white mongolian (which are all off-white)? I don't want to order a sample again, because I have to order sample sets of 20, and even tho they worked something out for me when I  wanted 8 samples, I don't think ordering 1 sample will be an option.


As the online shop I want to order from is holding a sale at the moment (Mendels, thanks to the person who posted a message here!) I will need to order soon now. So I have to make the scary step in deciding on the fur for my suit.

I already have serveral swatches from Mendels and I really like the Spunky Muppet and the Seal furs. I have a few questions left which I hope you can answer, before ordering. I hope to use short fur for the head, rather than shaving long fur myself (will this work if I just find a perfect color match, by the way?.

The color of the Super Seal Camel (see link below) is the perfect color I need (and so soft I can't stop petting it), but none of the long furs of Mendels match it. Where can I find a color 2" fur like that (right now I think I have to go with the Toffee colored fur with the regular Camel short fur instead, but the color is not as close to the color I was looking for)? Also, it's a bit shiny when I hold it in sunlight. I'm affraid it will look weird when you have a whole head covered with it.

For the regular short furs the Camel matches the Toffee Spunky Muppet for 100%, but I'm a bit worried about it's texture. It's a little bit wooly like, not as soft and pettable as the Seal and not shiny (altho that is not neccesarily a bad thing). Has anyone worked with these short furs of Mendels before, and did they work for you? 

I'm also looking for a long white fur (preferably longer then 3") for the socks on the legs. If anyone knows where I can find it, let me know! If not I guess I'll have to go with a Mongolian fur as I can't order the DF fur, because they don't ship internationally (unless someone has white extra long DF fur laying around? : D), but yeah, the Mongolian fur is a bit curled. Does anyone have examples of suits where Mongolian fur is used?

Yet again a lot of questions, thank you for the input!
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Skittle Hug

Furring a Head: Live Streaming

Hey guys - I'm going to be doing some work furring a head this afternoon. You can check it out here:

Come on in, ask questions if you'd like, or just watch! I also have a few saved videos you can check out too. :)

Done streaming for tonight! Thanks for stopping by!
The stream was recorded (furring a head part 2 and 3) if you want to watch. :)

Here's the end product:

(Please note: the nose and eye are just place-holders for the moment.



Ok... The mouse I just posted needs to go from St Louis to Australia. What's a good cost effective way to ship such that doesn't leave it on a cargo ship melting in equatorial heat for 2 weeks? So far my cheapest find has been USPS but anyone out there know of a slow cheap airmail alternative so poor Twig doesn't have to crowbar out epic cash from his student-grade wallet?

Thanks in advance!

-Rust Rat

Pricings on a beginner's handpaws?

So i have begun making fursuit paws and I have an art show coming up in april. I was wondering what would be an acceptable price to sell handpaws? i use DF fur and make sure the paws look nice and fit different sizes. Remember that the art show is kinda like an anime convention but tiny and for mostly High school kids. I was thinking $20 since the material itself cost me at least t$10 and it takes about 3 to 4 hours to handsew each pair.

Here is an exmaple of my newest handpaws that i just finished last night.

Here is another pair I will be selling at the art show

PS. I will be selling them unshaven but they will have custom made claws.

Thanks in advanced,
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