March 7th, 2011

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Finished Lion Head

With the full suit coming in May, the head is finished. It includes the 'follow me' eyes, full mane with highlights, and for the first time from me... whiskers! Leo Starr's body will incorporate a cooling system so be sure to watch for pictures.

I also made a short video of the head... to show off how the eyes work. low lighting but it was for Leo Starr

I am open for commissions with May completion.

Furring lynx ear tufts/Fur yardage?

Hey all, first entry here and my first time ever making a suit... please don't kill me. |D

Anyways, I'm making my first head, and it's intended to be a lynx. I'm just a little confused about how to make the ear tufts and long cheek fur, like on this one:

I'm no great hand at sewing... which is the charitable way of saying I'm horrible at it, but I am a fair hand with a glue gun or other adhesive. I could always sew it as well, if that's the best option.

I also have a more economical question: I'm on a tight budget for fur. The suit is going to be a partial, and I already have a local fabric store set up for fur. For a partial with handpaws, a feline head, very short bobbed lynx tail, and feetpaws, is there any way of estimating how many yards of fur I'd need total?

Thanks in advance! Lurking this community has already helped me enormously with making the head.
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