March 8th, 2011


the dreaded airbrush question

i'm in the market for an airbrush set after my recent experience with the snow leopard tail X3 i've scoured the memories, and read all the input left on there, and i believe i'll be going with the iwata eclipse hp-cs... but i'm pretty torn on the compressor. i'd really like a smart jet, but it may be out of my price range at the moment... so i'm looking at the ninja jet and the silver jet, as they are paired with my pretty airbrush in kits. i'm liking the size of the ninja jet, as i have a itty bitty workspace, and storage is an issue as it is... so guys, which is better? horror stories? raves? rants? thanks in advance ^^

Byron the French Bulldog

I just love bullies >_<

This lil guy was made for someone much bigger than me, so don't mind hte bagginess around the arms and legs. I had to stuff a pillow down the front to fill it out, so it's kinda boxy in the torso.

Hopefully I'll get some nice photos from his owner.

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questions about sewing methods/machenes?

i hand sew my fursuits cause i dont know how to sew fur on my outdated sewing machene.

dose anyone have a video?

or maybe some one has a model that works for long thick heavy fur?

just wanted to know because i wanted to make a body suit and i dont wanna hand sew the hole thingy.

and i got my fur from is that good?
Traveler - Midnight Howl

Head Complete!

Other than some minor cosmetic things to the fur on the back of the head, it's done!
Eeeeeeeeeeeee so cute!
This is I think my 4th head.

Also, not a boar! :D
Wolf! ^___^

Though I'm no where ready to do commissions for people. All my heads required extensive tinkering to make the jaws work and fine-tune the sight. I don't know how I'd do that for customers unless they had the same head size.

Next on the slate are the paws!
And now some piccus~

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