March 14th, 2011


Dangit, anybody have a source for bulk plaster bandages?

We've been buying plaster gauze (bandages) in bulk (and at very reasonable prices, about $2/lb) from Douglass & Sturgess for years, but they've recently discontinued bulk packaging. Pre-packaged gauze is now about $9.75/lb, or about $3.75 for a 4"x15' wide roll.

So, does anyone have a source for plaster gauze in bulk? I don't mind getting 30 pounds or more at a time, if anyone has a source of the plaster gauze "cheese" rolls.

I don't want to go back to DIY plaster gauze :/

EDIT: Did find boxes of a dozen 4" rolls for $26 -- $2.16/roll -- at but they're not shipping while they move.
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Yikes... I screwed up this head.

Hey guys, so I've begun to work on a new head while finishing up my other one and I ran into a problem. It has an obnoxious, oblong shaped forehead! It's meant to be a cat (Just because I wanted to try making one) and so for it's certainly not looking like I hoped.

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Pokemon Hoodie Help

Im at the end of my rope here, and decided to ask the experts here.

Im trying to put Scrafty's crest on the hood of a hoodie.
I've tried uber stiff pellon and regular pellon, only to have it buckle and flop over.
Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get it to stick straight up?

This is what Im trying to accomplish.

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Handpaw prices?

I want to start making handpaws that will be commissioned. I was curious how much handpaws normally cost when people commission them for multicolored paws or single colored paws cost. I normally make them to the forearm I use DF fur if that matters. What do you guys normally make people pay for hanpaws?

PS. I make custom colored claws out of sculpy and normally add them. Should I make it cost extra for that?

I know these have the fur going the wrong way

A little help?

Hey guys, I recently made a fursuit mask  as seen here following Komickrazi's turtorial . And I'm wondering now, how will I install the eyes? I don't think I left enough clearance space...should I just scrap this mask and start over? Or does someone have an idea how to put the eyes in? And sorry for the crappy pictures, all I had was my web cam because my camera died.

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ok so here's the links to my pictures of my new weasel costume head minus carving and the jaw (I don't know how to do the whole cut thing XP ) your opinions would be wonderful, this weasel is supposted to be very animeish and have big ears- i got the right thing for the frontal view concerning the ears- but what I'm wondering is are they too big? thanks again y'all!