March 15th, 2011


Cheshire Cat Finished!

Hey guys!

We just finished up our first suit for our Wonderland project. The next one will be done over the next day or so. You guys helped us pick out his colors, so we didn't want to dissapoint you by not sharing any pictures of the final suit! I picked out some of my favorite shots to share, so check them out below the cut:

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THIS SUIT IS FOR SALE and can be delivered to you at FWA this weekend! The auction ends in about 24 hours, so if you are interested in owning him, check out his auction page by clicking here.

Hope you guys like him and thank you again for helping us decide on his colors! C:
- Quaylak and Jakejynx

Foam Taxidermy Heads and Big Teeth

So I'm making plans for a Mr. Claws costume (This character: | ) to work on over the next year or so. I like having multiple projects in different stages of completion. :3

Anyway, I have a foam taxidermy black bear head with a closed mouth, courtesy my workplace(It was a scrap). It's actually a bit bigger than my own head as I'm very petite and I was going to use it as my head base, since Mr. Claws has a bare/furless face. I was considering doing a moving jaw or a bouncing jaw, but may also sculpt it static. What I wanted to do however was cut the jaw of the bear form loose and fill it with Mr. Claws' huge trademark teeth. What sort of material would be light enough but still decent for sculpting?

I'm probably going to make the character's giant claws and horns out of upholstry foam with a vinyl or fabric skin. I considered that for the teeth as well, but I think it might give an unintentional "plushy" effect.
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Houndoom Progress

Hello fellow fursuiters! I'm swoopthefox! This is my first post, and naturally, about my first fur/quadsuit. I'm making a houndoom (from pokemon!) Quad, and here are some progress videos. Also sort of a tutorial (crappy one >>) about how to make pretty nice hinged front stilts out of simple pvc pipe: Part one Part two

Thanks a ton guys. Also, my fur came in and I'm really pumped. cant wait to get this finished :D, and naturally, any comments, criticisms, critiques, ect are welcome! 
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Signal the bat foam base

 Just wanted to show you guys a finished foam base of another bat suit i am making. This head features a resin moving jaw!! WOOT!! 
Man his ears are huge!! O.O

As always.....if there is anything i can improve upon please let me know^^