March 16th, 2011

mesh head furring

 i've been browsing around on here for a few weeks and i just now joined, mostly for this community :B but anyway-

i cant seem to find how to make a pattern for a mesh head, and its seems like duct tape would just stick too much and be a bother. this would be my first time making a head, and i really want to make sure everything fits just right...but i'm not sure where to start :(
i did search around, but didn't see anything that seemed like it would help- if i missed something blatantly obvious i'm willing to accept a smack on the wrists

arm paws/sleeves

Just a quick question:

I usually measure elbow length paws by drawing around my hand up to my elbow, it always ends up having too much space where the elbow is and i got to take it in; though id rather have too much space than not enough ^^;;
What i want to know is if there is a better way of measuring without wasting too much fur,
AND also, what is the meathod for measuring up to your shoulder? Do you just make it longer?
I worry about when you bend your elbow, it will just drag the fur down and not stay up at the shoulders.

Would it be best to make regular wrist paws and then sleeves? or can I make them all in one?

Thanks x

Airbrushing, round two :)

Hey guys! Had a great turn out last time.  If you've never airbrushed and want to learn how, but have never seen it done before, I can help with that :) Last time I showed how too take a solid white head and layer it. I will be airbrushing fur that already has color so I will be demonstrating how to alter the color, add accents, highlights, and really bring a mask to life. I will be working on a coyote hybrid so if you are curious, come on over! I will be starting at 3:30p.m. MST (so in an hour and a half from this posting)

Look forward to seeing y'all there! :D

plastic sheets

So im going to be starting my cosplay for otakon, and i have a construction question.

Im making a quadsuit of Deathwing the Destroyer, aka the WoW Cataclysm's mascot.My question concerns his massive metal jaw. Since the head will be pretty hollow (my head is in his neck) i was going to take a sheet of plastic, like those found on Tap Plastic's website, draw on the shape i want and heat bend it so that from an aerial view it looks like a V (all one peice). Then i was going to glue 1" foam onto it, carve and spray with either a metallic spraypaint or plastidip, along with gluing fake bolts to it (provided by Brickintheyard's website). Would this make it too heavy, or is there any easier way to do this?

Im making the skull out of that pink Styrofoam that carves like butter, maybe i should go about that method for the jaw too? I would just have to find a spray paint that didn't eat the foam ><

Secondly, 4" PVC pipe is what most use for their quad stilts correct? And you glue in a little crossbar that you grab onto, or are there other ways of doing it? I was going to make the wrist movable for affect.

Last, when you foam the body, do you attach your foam to a Lycra suit or do you use another method? Deathwing will have some massive leg padding, along with the neck and the tail. I was going to make the ribs/neck out of 3" foam rings and cover it in batting then in the fabric, so it gets good airflow and is as light weight as possible.

EDIT: i am also going to cast my own resin eyes and put yellow LEDs in them for the glow effect. I have never casted resin before, nor done it and inserted an LED. What should i Know? Whats the best brand of resin to use? do i have to make my own mold or can i use something to do the job? The eyes would need to be about 2" across.

idea for keeping cool (or atleast having better air circulation)

so I have some old and unused oxygen tank tubing - and what i'm wondering ( forgive me for not knowing immediatly, I fail at logical things such as physics) and hopefully you seasoned fursuiters can answer it- can you place the tubing in strategic locations throughout your head (small enough to be unoticable even when furred)  so that the flow of air through them can cool your head and circulate more fresh air throughout? if positioned correctly is this possible? yur input would be lovely, and sorry for multiple and somewhat stupid posts :3 let me know if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about and I'll try to describe this idea more clearly

Loved, Nostalgic, Thought Of - Flower

Meet Robbie.

This was a fun project to work on, and the second all black character I've worked on. There are four types of black fur that were used (1/2", 1", 2", 3"), and the sizing of the owner's bandanna and colored worked out well.

The character is based on Huge Wolf's New Foundland, Robbie. The body suit has feathering along the under arms and behind the legs. A groomer I met called dogs with that "fringe."

His ears flap, and though it does not have a moving jaw, the owner can make the jaw open a bit.

The head was sculpted by Tikky, and final edits, ears, eyes, inner mouth, and upholstery work was done by me. I sculpted a positive of his nose which Gypsy Witch was able to make a last minute resin copy for me. It came out very well. The nose was then lightly sanded and sprayed with four coats of Plastidip. Feast of Dreams produced Robbie's feet. His body suit and paws were designed and constructed by me. Unlike most of the full suit paws I've produced, this set pulls over the arms rather than snapping on.

A photo shoot was taken outside of Imaginon (a childrens library and theatre) in downtown Charlotte, NC. I had arranged a visit with permission to take photos. While there, we passed about 2000+ people in identical t-shirts. It turned out there was a St. Patrick's Day bar crawl event happening. Outside of one obnoxious guy yelling at my friend in his dog and another in his kangaroo (photos to be posted separately) things went alright.

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So i got extremely bored in geometry and thought itd be cool to have a croc suit, not anthro, but like..feral. Ive seen one like it, but wanted to know if something like was possible. Now im not looking to make it if thats what youre thinking, i just wanted to know if it was /possible/. Because im bored. VERY bored...And designing random stuff is fun.
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Putting a curvature into the underside of feetpaws...


The pair of feet paws I bought from Kilcodo last year have such a lovely natural walking curve in the underside that I can wear them like regular shoes and not even notice that I have big foam furry feet on. When I made my own pair, they felt clunky, horrible and sluggish. The toe foam gets in the way. I think it may have also been because the toes are so far forwards in the shoe.

My query is this - how do you make a nice pair of feet paws that are kinda big but still practical to walk in? Do you place the canvas shoe in the middle and bulk the back up with foam too?

If you have WIP shots of feetpaws (pre-furring) I would love to see them!
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