March 17th, 2011

Duct-Tape Pattern Help?

So I'm to the furring stage of a suit, but I'm having problems. For some reason, I can never get a good duct tape pattern! It never fits to the foam right, and then my pieces are all wrong. Any tips? I've tried plastic wrap and plastic grocery bags between the foam and duct tape.
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Need critique

I've been debating on making my main fursona as a suit and figured I'd go ahead. I think the foam looks wonky on the mold but Iko has a high forehead. The cheeks looks odd, I need to make them pointed like a fox. redlining would be nice or just telling me what needs to be fixed, her eyes wont be changed though. Also I need tips on how to do large fennic ears that wont weigh a ton but are flexible if I run into things.

Here's her reference
then the head


I have a question about DTDs. I have a regular one for my fursuits (which for some reason when stuffed is way bigger than i am ><) andi notice that people make one of them bend over for quadsuits. What is the best way to go about doing this? Or can you cut and reposition the arms/legs of a regular DTD and make it look like a hunched over one?

Also can anyone reccomend a good glue/adhiesve for that pink insulation foam? I see its used alot for quad suit heads, and since the skull of deathwing will be solid and carved i need a glue without solvents that wont eat it :P
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Good 'chubby' fursuits

inb4 thats offensive! I'm 'big' myself and I'm always nervous that if I put on a suit I'll just look like a tub o' lard in fur.

So can I get some photos of good 'bigger' fursuiters? Partials and fullsuits. Oh and I'm talking about suits were the person beneath is chubby, not that the suit is padded.

EDIT;THANKS FOR ALL THE PICS! I got about 30 replies lol! You all looked great in your suits, so you've boosted my confidence!


I want to make a "feral" style mane for my fennec suit, but I have no clue how to go about it. A very kind person has been giving me tips, which have been very helpful, but I'm still feeling lost!

I was told there are two ways to make wefts.

One is to sew them, and the other ...

-Take the full length of hair from the package.
-separate out a thin lock and tie a knot tightly in the fold end.
-part the fur where you want to stick the knotted hair
-apply hot glue to the knot carefully.
-apply hair to the fur
-rinse and repeat till finished. Make sure to start from the bottom.

But unfortunately, I really need to -see- this sort of thing. Unfortunately, no matter how awesome the explanation, without visuals I'm left scratching my chin and pulling my own hair out in frustration.

I plan on using kanekalon, because I want it to look more like head-fur rather than hair persay, and so yeah. Stuck on how to do this exactly. If anyone has in progress pics, or if they can dumb things down even further for me, I would be exceedingly grateful. I was also told to get several different colors, so I'm not sure if they intended for me to mix them together to make it look like there are highlights, or what.

I'm epic-failing right now. Help!

I'm also all ears on sewing weft info too. :)
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