March 18th, 2011


I reside in Canada, and shipping costs for the sample card I desire from CRS is outrageous. (one dollar sample card...and holy much shipping was that O.O !?!) I am looking for a warm brown fur possibly with ginger tones in it as well (but not neccesary). CRS  "Cubby Bear Cinnamon"  seems like it may fit the bill but it appears dark in the photo. I have been to the MM, and US knits websites to look at photos of what appears to be the same fur. MM shows it to be a much lighter gradient...

 Does anyone have photos of this fur on a suit, or suggestions as to what fur may fit the bill( with a pile length the same as or greater than Cubby)?

Please and a very gracious thank you.
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Does Punky Muppet match white Shag/white Mongolian?

 What the title says. :P It's the final thing I need to know before I order my fur, and I don't really feel like ordering 1 little swatch and missing out on Mendels' sale which ends March 23th because it will take a week+ to get here. :[ All I need to know is if the Punky Muppet Off-white matches Mendels' white Mongolian/white Shag (which are the same color and both off-white) or white Santa fur from Imstuffed (which is also the same color, and also off-white) and I'll know enough. I also emailed Mendels but I just wanted a little more input.

Thank you for the help!