March 19th, 2011

Ahri Sunna and Rune

Any advice on building a fursuit head out of foam?

I'm trying to do a fursuit head of Hermit from .hack//quantum for A-Kon, but I'm kinda running into some problems. This is the first time I've build a fursuit head out of foam. The last couple of times were out of plastic canvas..and that didn't work out so well. >w<

It's a cat and I'm working on the hat separately from the head, so that I can reuse the head for future fursuits.

I'm going to take some pictures out of what I've done so far..but it would be nice to hear of any tutorials or any useful techniques. >w<



Critique and Suggestions?

Hello all XD This is my first time posting here so forgive my noobness. I've been working on a head the last week and was curious to see some critique on it and then suggestions on what I can approve. Like for the ears as an example, I don't know if they look right. The head is suppose to be canine, originally going for a dog with upright ears (I have no reference sheet) . Jaw is static.

  This is my second head x: