March 20th, 2011

Mint Berry Crunch!
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Alternate to buckram/chiffon?


Going to start on a cosplay mascot soon and since the costume is going to be huge, I won't be able to look directly out the eyes. I don't want to look out the mouth either so after drafting the costume out, vision out the 'rims' of the eyes would work out best.

The only problem is that buckram and chiffon won't work out since I don't find them to be 'sturdy'. I've been working with those fabrics a lot in my years of fursuit/mascot work but I still don't feel as though they will do the job well and keep their shape.

Can anybody point me in the right direction of a good, sturdy alternative to buckram/chiffon/mesh fabric?

It needs to be appear solid (will be black, can paint if doesn't come int that color.

Examples will be great!

jen foxworth

quick question about short pile

If working with an extremely short pile, like seal *or what Mendels calls 'Cuddle's Light, can't remember which one I got*, it's normal if the seems show a bit right? I've tried as hard as I can and I just can't get them to disappear. I thought about it for a while and I realized that is why people get the long pile and shave it correct, so the seems don't show and it's still short? *note: I DID do the fur direction correctly, I made sure of that*

I had bought the seal because I couldn't afford anything else at the time, *still can't* and am using it on the bunny head. It doesn't look horrible, but it doesn't look as 'beautiful' as I wanted it to either. I think sometime before next year I'll make a different bunny suit for easter, using a longer pile. But until then, I'll just have fun with this one. After all, it is only my first one, and the build and form is what I'm most worried about, and that seems to be turning out okay.

It's nearly done, it'll be done by Easter, and that's when I'll post images of it. It's a static jaw, with posable ears, very toony, has room for glasses on the inside, and will have a fan installed with great ventilation. I was aiming for it to be comfortable enough to wear for a while yes? I'm sure it will have many flaws, but not too many horrid ones I hope.

If you are looking from a slightly farther distance, you can't really see them, but still... I didn't brush the fur into proper direction, because the bust it's sitting on hasn't been anchored down yet so it keeps falling over and the fur keeps messing up, I just figured I'd do it when I actually anchor the thing down. But the fur direction is correct, it just keeps... swooshing the other way.... Because it's not brushed.

I also realized I won't have enough fur/time to make a bodysuit, so I'm going to take some overalls and sew the tail onto the butt...  then I'll make some sleeves, hands, and feet, and find a bright shirt and WALA EASTER BUNNEH!

Turquoise fur!

So is out of turquoise. Is any other site the exact same color? Or does anyone have a yard I could buy?

Syfabrics has a turquoise but it looks darker in the picture than fabrics. And DF has an aqua but its hard to judge if they're the same or not. Mendel's also has a turquoise but looks just like DF's aqua. Any help?
Ahri Sunna and Rune

WIP of Hermit. Any Critiques for it?

Day 2 Progress of Hermit's head. The first day I did the jaw and muzzle, but decided that the jaw was too big and crooked, so will find thinner foam for the jaw. I shaped up the cheeks, added eyebrow structure, and made the eyes bigger. So, does it look more like a cat?

Any critiques would be helpful. Again, this is of Hermit from .hack//quantum.


Fursuit head Makeover

I recently finished revamping an old head I made for my friend Sunookitsune. It was his red fox character Toby and I made him in early 2009. I asked if I could give him a free makeover since I wasn't happy with his face anymore. xD So he agreed.

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Comments are welcome!

Is the cheaper wolf jaw worth it?

Hello, I have a simple question about Van Dyke's collection of taxidermy wolf jaws.

I usually get the expensive one here.

But I have always noticed the cheaper one here.

Does anyone know if the cheaper jaw is worth it, or should I just stick with the expensive jaw?

Also, if I get the cheaper jaw, I am not using the tongue included. I already have the tongue I want. That is all I want to know. Thanks a bunch to whoever helps me!