March 22nd, 2011


Vents on a suit.

 For an a mostly black suit, save for some minor markings, would one recommend arm pits vents as:

- double layered black buckram?

- a thinner fabric in general that is as black as the fur being used?

- a shorter-pile fur (or a fabric that mimics short-pile fur, but breathes easier) than the rest of the body?

- or no vents at all and just full fur?

As for vents on a head- I know vents could be placed around ears- but regardless of whether or not there's a fan within the head itself, do vents make a big difference in comparison to a head that does not have them?

And by difference I mean, would one last longer with the head disregarding temperature of the environment, the level of activity of the wearer, healthy, hydrated, etc.

Thanks in advance~


New Mascot Horse costume ^.^


So I ended up with a commission from the University Equestrian Team to build a horse mascot costume that would fit a bunch of people and super easy to maintain. So very light, not hot, and easy to see out of.

So meet Pony - it never got a name while I was building it :P
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Horse head WIP

I'm sorry if there is no cut (the preview showed it without cut so I guess I did it wrong...Again) but I can't get the cut seem to work. DX I've been trying for the past half hour now and now I just want to hit my laptop so I guess I should leave it like that before I hurt myself or others. e.o

*Edit: hey...It worked. 8D OH JOY.*

Sooo, it's been a while since I posted WIPs of my head. I thought it was time for another WIP as I think I might be done with it, except for fixing a minor issue on the smile and maybe redoing (one of) the eyes.

Now that I look back to my older WIP's, it looked so horrible I want to rip my eyes out when I look at it (and no I really didn't see it at the time >n< ). So I'll be waiting with furring it until I finished the hooves, tail, hoofdhands and maybe even the bodysuit because maybe I will hate it again in a few weeks like the last time. But yea, I guess when you stare at something for so long (for me, 2 months working on this head now) you just don't see big flaws anymore until after you let it rest a while and come back fresh after a few days/weeks.

However you guys have a objective and fresh view on it, so I hope you might be able to spot any big flaws (and ofcourse little flaws too). I don't care how big they are and how long it takes me to fix, please do tell me. I noticed people know a lot about canines/felines but not much about horse(s) (anatomy) and I know how hard it is to judge something when you have little knowledge about anatomy (that's why you don't see me posting on canine heads, I have no clue how their anatomy is. But yeah, I hope you guys recognize it as a horse (as my dad keeps calling it a sheep/cow and my mom calls it a dog. ;__; Does it really look that bad?), if not, please do tell me so I can start cutting away again. >.<
By the way, yes I can breathe through the nose now. : D I read how someone with an avian head had breathing issues and I read the comments and I got worried (as I only had the mouth to breath through but yeah when it's closed good luck breathing in it >__> ), so even tho it seemed impossible to do at first I just gave it a shot and I'm so happy that I did it. ^_^ Yay for more oxygen. :P

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neat construction build video-

It may be an awful costume, but it does go over basics and budget ideas that could still look nice, and semi digigrade padding.

Plus the narrator is epic.
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Amount of fur needed...

 This is what I'm guessing. Google says I'm 5.9 feet (1.81 meters) and I'm skinny. It will be a full suit with digitigrade legpadding.

Light brown: 4 yards
Dark brown: 3 yards
White: 2 yards
The whites on the legs and arms (which will be a longer pile fur white which I'll probably also use for the manes and maybe the tail if Kanekalon doesn't work out): 2.5 yards

Is this about right? It's ok if I have fur left for repairs (especially since the light brown I want is limited, so I might just get an extra yard off it) but it would be awefull if I end up with not enough, because shipping hurts my wallet. Pretty bad. :C

Ref off my fursona: