March 26th, 2011


Am I estimating correctly?

So I'm making partials for my husband and I and I'm trying to estimate how much fur I'll need.

Question 1: Is it worth buying half yards? It seems like it's nearly as costly as a whole yard..but dang that's a lot of fabric!

Question 2 - First partial will be a head w/neck, shoulder length handpaws, a thin tail and thigh high feetpaws (I'm planning on wearing a skirt with it) I measured my thighs to be about 25" around, and the feets 35" long. I came to needing about 3 yards of the main color which will be most of the head and all of the hands/feet and tail. Is that overdoing it?

Question 3 - Second partial is the same without the legs. My husband is smaller than I am, so I estimated 2 yards of the base color. (Does anyone have experience with crscraft's cubby cinnamon btw? It looks kinda dark and while that's good, i'm pairing it with black and I don't want to have a CREATURE OF THE NIGHT looking thing.) Does that sound appropriate?

Thank you in advance <3 I've got a lot of anxiety about overbuying, I was really bad about it in the SCA and now that I'm in the HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS range, that's scary ;D
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So I'm making my first fursuit, and I've honestly been stuck for almost a year now. I just gave up and hid it in my drawer until today. I'm making Cait Sith from Final Fantasy VII, and I'm not very good at adding things. I'm more of a drawer and sculptor and I've had many difficulties just making the head. Even though Cait had more of a round head I'd like it to make it less round and more 'cat-like'. The cheeks are impossible for me and the bottom jaw has me totally stumped. And THANK YOUUUU :D
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Dragon Head Bases WIP

I figured I'd show this since I thought it looked really neat all laid out before I got to work.

Behind the cut is a pic of a finished dragon head base and the start of its twin laid out beside it. I was only commissioned to make the bases but I can't wait to see them finished by the person that had me make them. :DD

Collapse )

The first one has green following eyes and the second one will have blue following eyes.

This is my first time making dragons, and since I kept the pattern, I might make one myself and finish him off. He probably won't have following eyes or spikes (that's what the black circles are for) and he'll probably have different horns. But, I love how the first one came out! Hopefully the 2nd will look just like it :DD
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Airbrushing fur question

Hi all!

I am working on my first two fursuits for cosplay (one quad - Nina Chimera, Fullmetal Alchemist; one digigrade - Nibi no Nekomata, the two-tailed bijuu, Naruto). My question concerns The digigrade one, Nibi.

I plan on ordering my fur for Nibi in a week, but I am a bit unsure of how to approach her. I'll be making the markings with an airbrush, but I'm unsure if it is better to pick a blue fabric and apply the markings, or to just airbrush all the color completely and go with a white fabric. I want the fabric to have a nice flow and softness to it. The 4 fabrics I was looking at are below:

Cookie Monster Blue, Turquoise, or White


NA-Ivory Fox (top of page) in Pure White. I have this for Nina Chimera already and it's very nice and soft!

Looking for some advice from those who are more experienced with airbrushing fur. I have experience with painting and airbrushing, but not on fur. I have seen Beetlecat's tutorial on airbrushing a tiger head and have found the techniques shown to be very useful.

For reference, Nibi is here.

I'm leaning more towards blue fabric, but I'm not sure how easy it would be to do the white acrylic onto the blue. My friend has an awesome kyuubi (9 tailed demon fox) digigrade suit and I'd like to have this one for myself.

Thank you in advance for any advice or tips!
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