March 27th, 2011

Sabertooth Dentals!

 So, I'm making a Smilodon fatalis. I have one, all-important question...

How do I keep those long, characteristic fangs from breaking? I made them out of plasticine clay and that stuff is usually pretty durable; but they are rather long and thin and I worry about them. Is there a more durable material?

Edit: Okay, I'd thought that I add that this will be a LARPing costume, and this is why I'm looking for the most durable material possible. Those fangs are so dang delicate looking that I worry at the first whack they'll shatter.


or at least, he will be! looking for critique on my sculpt, as it's my very first ^^ going to be a realistic fox, and i have one of those ebay mannequins with the weird oblong head, so it will be a bit less weird once it's cast X3 looking for symmetry flaws, and/or anything glaringly wrong...

photo ref:
3/4 view:

i see the lip asymmetry now, so that will be the first thing to address ^^

*edit* for clarification, the nose isn't on the sculpt and will be added to the end, i'll be using one of my silicone noses ^^
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Tongues on fursuits

Just a quick question; Sorry if it's been asked before, But I looked through the memories on "mouths" and didn't find it.
That being said: Just wondering what material to use for a tongue on a fursuit and how do you attach it?.
I don't want to do the whole taxidermy thing, and I've seen people use "fun foam" and things of this nature.
As of now; I use felt and I lightly stuff it and glue the center so the tongue has that center-curve then I sew and glue it in place.
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