March 30th, 2011

  • yowulf

Flesh colored minky/fleece + Dying + Minky used?


I am having a tough time finding a flesh colored minky fur, fleece, or very VERY short fur for a cosplay I am doing. Somewhere around this color!

Does anybody know where I can find it?

If its impossible to find (I hope not!), is it possible to dye fleece or minky fur to the desired color?

Lastly, did everybody ever use minky for a head, fullsuit.etc and can show me the results? Can you toss me a few pointers?

Thank you so much! :)

Has anyone tried CR crafts short pile fur??

Here's a link to the page i'm looking at:

What is the texture of this fur?

Is the backing strong?

Is the fur of quality(like is is thick, or is it thin and the backing shows through.


And also, OPINIONS!!!

What is worth more, to buy an expensive shaver or break a cheap $30 one ever few costumes. I swear every 2 or 3 suits my clippers die XD ... I'm just wondering if the high-end ones are worth it!
viden kalira9


Yup, just seeing what anyone else thinks? It's a sabertooth head base i'm working on as a commission. Let me know what you think? Only think i'm thinking... is to widen the cheeks and eyebrows? They look too thin, if you know what I mean.

Thank you in advance for and advice given! :D

Faux Fur for a baboon.

Hey guys!

Anybody know where I can get fur similar to this:

...aka "That sort of olive-ochre, tipped/striped fur Mandrill baboons have on their faces and arms, etc."

Been looking at tipped coyote furs, etc, on imstuffed and so on, but if anybody has run across something like this (even in a rug I could cannibalize or whatever) then that'd be cool!