April 1st, 2011

  • xnae

What of stich do YOU use?

I'm curious about what kind of stitches people use. Since I'll have to handsew EVERYTHING (yay! :D  ;A;) I'll have plenty of opportunities to try out different stitches on my test suit before I start on the real thing.

I saw Blanket Stitch being named a lot in memories.
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Poseable tails?

I swear I saw somewhere that people were using some sort of sectioned garden hose type thingie to make thin poseable tails. I cannot for the life of me remember what this is called! Does anyone know?

A question about fur

I have always used long pile fur for the bodysuit part of my fursuits. This fur was usually very similar to DF long pile. However, I have seen many suits which have shorter fur for the bodysuit with the longer df stuff for the fluffy bits. My question is what length of pile is the shorter pile ( so that seams are not starkly visable) and where do you get it from? Most of the stuff I find at the fabric district in LA is long pile and the short stuff is kinda crappy. I would love to make a suit which would be easy to dance or move in but not be quite so hot or make me look so fat.... soooo I wanted to give shorter pile fur a whirl.

how much fur?

how much fur do u guys think i will need to get for a pair of ears and a tail.

I have been trying diffrent suits and i dont think i have the experance to complete them to a decent degree..... so i thaught i would start with something small...... 'barf' from spaceballs...... but i always order to much or to little fur... or from the wrong places... where do u guys get your fur?