April 2nd, 2011


Looking for fur!

Simple question- does anyone happen to have nice light gray fur? Preferably a pile to match the normal DF fur length.  :) I need about 1 yard. Just let me know if you have any and if I can buy it off of you. X3

Thank you!

Minky Fur?

 So I'm going to do a scaled creature as opposed to a furred creature. I obviously don't want him to end up super fluffy or anything. Has anyone used minky plush fabric on a suit with success? Anyone have any pictures of a suit like this? Do I go about the pattern differently than I would with fur? Any concerns?

I already did a fleece face once and I didn't like how it turned out, so I'm trying to think of other things.

I was gonna order from this site here - http://www.minkydelight.com/smoothminky.html

These are the colors I need - http://i828.photobucket.com/albums/zz202/tailbiteryena/gatorcolors.png

::EDIT:: Ok, that wont work then. Thanks for the advice everyone! Anyone know where I could find seal fur in those colors then?  x.x
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fabric on latex pawpads

I have had a lot of requests recently to have fabric on the back of my pawpads,
thinking about this, it would be far better as then people can unpick the seams if they want to change them in the future.

However, im not entirely sure the best way to do this,
so far my attempts have been to just lay the fabric over the top.
But this squshes the latex out of the mould and makes it look messy. But when i dont push the fabric down, it peels off once it is cured.

Can someone please tell me what i am doing wrong?
ff i know its a simple simple thing, but ..yeah, its got me a bit confused.

Also here is an example, dont mind the air bubbles, i know what i did wrong to get those ^^;;

thank you

edit: also i have been using cotton, maybe this is the problem?
beastcub beast fursuit

Likely my last fox

I may do heads-only orders of foxes in the future but halfsuits and fullsuits take a lot of energy and I want to put that energy twoards where my talent really shines, that being odd species choices like anteaters and hippos. The only fullsuit fox I may consider is a cross fox...
I have made like at least 40 fox/wolf shaped things and they dominate the fandom...and it seems like most people start with a canine and thus become skilled with canines but not everyone is comfortable with other animals...so I want to specialize in "other animals" from now on as much as possible.

PS this guy is tall and so super skinny!!! X3

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african grey stare - commish

Walmart foam?

Hey guys!

I've been commissioned for a foam base, but I'm a little worried about using Joann's green foam because her character's facial markings are white. So, that brings me to my next question, have any of you ever used the white foam at Walmart? I know you can get a large roll of it for a pretty good price, but I wanted to know how good the quality is. So, has anyone used this foam before?

Thanks so much everyone!
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