April 3rd, 2011

jen foxworth

raccoon head, redline please?

Could someone redline this please if it has issues *which I'm sure it does*.
It's pinned together currently, because I don't want to permantly glue it if it has errors. The pins are not permanent. I love pins. I only did half the head for the same reason. So just judge one side of the head, and then I can fix the errors on that side and also apply that to the other side as I go along. And yes I plan to fix the left ear, it's leaning a bit too far to the back. I was looking at multiple views of raccoons while making it, I think it helped quite a bit. It's more accurate then rabbit was when I started him, with btw is getting close to done, and it turns out that sewing the seems does help, but it's still not hiding them entirely. Better, but not perfect, but I suppose that is to be expected with a super short pile.

It's a female raccoon by the way. Toony styled, plastic bowl eyes, sculpy nose to be made later. Static Jaw.


note: I also managed to get a friend to take me to hancock fabrics, in which I explained to her the different between 'fun fur' and the fur that actually is good to work with. Sadly they don't sell any long piles, just short and semi short, though some interesting colors, and my  new supply of foam.

self employed UKfurs

do you have to file your taxes?

I did my tax return filing in january online and had nothing to pay, and nothing to be paid back... is this the same thing?

ONLY comment if you are a sole trader/self employed person in the UK, all the US tax filing stuff has had me rather nervous that I'm forgetting something :/  I know its a lot different in the UK, no one in my family openly files tax like the majority in the US do, they just have it already done and paid by PAYE, or something. this is my first tax year as a registered business, and its rather nerve racking :/

I don't earn enough to pay tax, but... just a little reassurence would be good. my self assessment online shows I have nothing to complete as well

[deleting this once I have a reply, I know its not on topic, but I'm not a part of full time furs or fursuit lounge, here seems to have more people too]

EDIT: to make it clearer, I have filed my tax return, which was due before january 31st, I filed that on the 15th, I pay my NI payments on time, ect... does that sound correct?

EDIT2: resolved! thanks! is dia wants to leave this up and put it into the 'legal side' memories, I think that would help out anyone else confused :)
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Hey guys, I am in need of some advice!

My fursuit has really, really big feet. Right now I just pull the legs of the bodysuit down over the feet, but I want a way to keep the legs down so I don't have to keep readjusting them, worrying about them riding up, etc. Collapse )

Joind the Fursuit community :)

Hello ! :)
- Many of you already know i build fursuits and mascots, ( also known as SSC or Stormfire Studios Canada, Here: http://www.stormfirestudios.ca/ ) with my Assistant.
Most of my current and up-comming works are posted on my FurAffinity site here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/firestormsix/
Just discovered the Fursuit LJ community today. :P ( probally because i havent been to active in LiveJournal lately, but plan to be more active soon. )
I may offer various tutuorials, and tips here in the future if requested. :)

Below is a group of SSC suits photo taken at Furnal Equinox 2011 in March.

** ( larger photos under cut)

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