April 5th, 2011

About to start production, any tips for resin mask?

 Last year I started making mask with foam, and a clava base. But this time around I think working with a more solid base will help me get the effects I want and the quality I want. I plan on making them using Quarezzel's resin mask method, it seems to work very well, and I've been researching and blue-printing a lot to make sure I wring out any flaws that this production style may have.

But since of course Ive never done these before, I thought it would be in my best interest to seek out others who have used this method and get there opinion of it.
(I'm already aware that the materials are pricey, but I'm more interested in just the materials themselves, or what to and not to use)

Id love to hear all of it :)

PVC / Vinyl

I'm tempted to use pvc / vinyl in a future project (as psuedo scales for a kind of partial, not a fullsuit).

What are the do's and don'ts to be aware of when using pvc/vinyl aside from the fact that it doesn't breath?

Stuff like, can you paint it? (If so with what? Does it require a sealer?)

Is it hard to clean?

Do you recommend an alternative that doesn't require doing a scaly texture by hand? (I don't own and airbrush and I'm not that confident with drybrush or paintbrush and I don't trust my hand with markers on fabric.)

And stuff like that.

=D Thanks!

Tooney Gator Foam Head

 Just finished foaming this head. Wanting to know what everyone thinks.

He's gonna be a super tooney blue alligator when he's done. I'm just waiting for the fur to come in.

I'm also gonna add big tooney gator teeth to the lower jaw when he's done.

I'll be sure to post pictures when he's finished!

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quad DTDs

My foam arrived the other day and i will be starting Deathwing's body foamwork shortly, though i ran into a puzzling question: how DO you prop/hold up a quad DTD so that is stays in position (with the help of the stilts of course) yet you can get under and around it to carve the padding?

I originally had a hamper plus a box holding it up under the stomach, but since DW has some big friggin digigrade leg works and buffed arms i need to have enough space to work on those areas, as well as make the foam "rings" that beef up his torso. I do have a pole w/ stand from my mannequin display dummy i could use, but i was hoping for something with more surface area, not just to impale my doppelganger :P any pics, examples of those who have made quads before?