April 6th, 2011

Client Expecations

Hi, everyone. My name is Vorpal. I have been lurking around the community for almost 2 months now, picking up advice and gaining tons of knowledge. I finished my first partial fursuit yesterday. It was a free labor job for a friend. She provided the materials, I made the suit. But upon completion, I am a little curious how other suitmakers have dealt with clients...

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Oh knees!

EDIT: Wanted to let you guys know I just sealed up the crease in the leg and tried walking, and with it hollowed out it works just fine. :) Thanks for all of your help! 8D

I've been trying to figure this out on my own, but I've finally decided it's time to ask for some advice. As you can see below, I have big rabbit leg padding. ;) Right now I have a slit cut through the front so when my knee bends it opens up. If I pull my leg all the way back so my heel touches my butt (which is unnecessary), it opens maybe 8 in or so at the very front. I'm guessing it opens 3'' to 5'' when I walk normally.

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Handpaw/Long partial leg patterns?

Is there a general pattern for shoulder high handpaws or thigh high legs? I'm going to be making garters to wear with the legs instead of elastic around the rim, and making some sort of elastic clippy doohickey to keep up the arms.

Should I sew the arms and hands (legs/feet) as a separate set or keep them all in one piece? I'm just not quite sure where to start, thanks for any help!

OH and for the feet, I think i'm just going to keep them flat bottomed, and make a pair of flipflops for them. Possibly might build them off a sock, as that's how I saw ECmajor do his, but I've heard that knits can be a problem?
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 Hey there, I was just wondering if you can use Plastidip for certain objects.

- Can you use Plastidip on raw, naked foam?
- Can you use it on cotton (or like, if it can't be used on foam would foam with cotton sewed around it work instead?)?
- And most importantly (since I would like to do this); can it be used on fake leather?

I'm asking because I have the hardest time trying to find fake leather in burgundy (which is a hybrid between red and purple) for my hooves and hoof hands, and you can make plastidip in any color + it will give it a nice shine. C: I did find other kinds of fabrics in the color I need (fleece, suede, etc) but I don't think they'll look right. o.o
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Wrinkled fur

Mendels just sent me 7 yards of wrinkled fur. Is it salvagable? Is this even normal that a retailer will smash delicate fur into a such a tiny box?! The first box I got contained loosely-packed punky muppet which survived the trip nearly perfectly-- some wrinkles but whatever.

It appears that both the fabric backing is wrinkled and some of the actual hairs are bent/creased. I have a yard each of punky muppet and black fox and 5 yards of super seal (which I am too afraid to fully unroll, to be honest). If I can't get the wrinkles out only about half the longer pile fabric will be useable, assuming I can Tetris the pattern pieces around them. The seal seams "okay" so far, but I use that term very loosely.

Would pictures help? My desktop just came down with a virus as I booted it up to cry to you guys, so I can get them if you really need them (but if not, I'll save myself the trouble).

Yes, I plan to talk to Naomi about this regardless but I really, really just want my fur D:

I was thinking maybe if I wet it and let it hang it might take some of the wrinkles out of the backing except that I live in an apartment and I don't have the space (literally). I guess I could wet/hang the cut out pieces but I'm not going to do that if it's not going to work :I

ANY help appreciated. Also, has this ever happened to you? Is this just a necessary evil of ordering online? Am I being an unreasonable b-word?
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Totes/foot lockers/trunks, etc

 Checked memories but could quite find what im looking for. I am in need of a lockable, light weight, wheeled trunk, i thought since plenty of us travel to cons with suits this would be a good place to ask. My problem is i am going to be a dealer at a con and will be taking the mega bus to get there, the max exterior dimensions allowed for a container is 62 inches in total, with a max weight of 50 pounds. If anyone can point me in the right direction i would be very grateful! And yes i have checked google/ebay/tons of other places. ^^;  

 To make it even harder on me im looking for something with dimensions of aprox.  30" L x 16"  W x 16" H