April 7th, 2011


Video: Head Durability/Stress Test

I remember a while back, the owner of a new fursuit head was reviewing the maker of their suit. They said that when they gently picked the head up by the ear, it tore away from the head. Someone replied and criticized the commissioner for "picking it up by the ear," so of course it ripped. According to that person, you're NEVER supposed to do that.


Poor craftsmanship was responsible for that, NOT the commissioner.

There is NO excuse or reason why a fursuit head cannot be picked up by the ear! In fact, you should be able to pick it up by any part of the head. The ear, jaw, cheek, muzzle, etc. A good maker will build their heads to be as durable as possible. One thing we always keep in mind is that yes, fursuits are works of art, but people won't always treat them that way. Which means you need to build these things like football helmets! Build them so they can withstand being carried around by the nose, or squished in a suitcase, or thrown across the room, even.

To illustrate what we mean, here's a video of one of our WIP commissions being picked up by the ear (gasp! I know). We placed the head on the scale to show that there is about 3.5 pounds of additional weight pulling the head down because we left the mannequin head inside of it. I wanted to show that no amount of "ear carrying" would cause the ears of our suits to tear. EVER.

Our suits are built to last and withstand a lot. I shook the hell out of that head in the video and twisted it and pulled on it and everything. No tears, no damage! Now, I'm not trying to encourage our previous commissioners to go run their suit heads over with their cars or anything to prove me wrong, but rest assured, these babies can handle being toted around by any part of them, lol.

So, if you're thinking about starting to take fursuit head commissions, keep durability in mind and be sure your heads can handle a "stress test" like this! Be sure you can yank and pull and man-handle your work, because you never know what your customer is going to put it through once they receive it. :)
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Has anyone ever ordered fur or foam from this site before?

How is the fur quality comparing to other sites? (Or is it the same as what you'd find from DF or Fabric.com?)

It seems they have some other colors available that either DF or Fabric.com may or may not have (aside from Mendel's), and some that may be similar to others:
- Light blue (DF carries it, but not Fabric.com)
- Light pink ( as in not fushcia, same as above)
- Lilac (or light purple)
- Mango? (apparently different from yellow?)
- "Chocolate"? (Fabric.com has a brown)

And apparently they have a bunch of mongolian that's also 1.5 inches like their shag (most other places I found the mongolian with more around 2-3 inches but alas). I know some of you aren't fond of mongolian in general, but I thought I'd just put that out there.

How good is their turn-about time and service?

If anyone's bought any foam from them, is it green or white? (I know it's white in the thumbnail, but I don't know if what they'll ship will be white.)

=D Thanks!


Ways of the Wampa

 Sorry for the double post, but I thought it would be fun to show something I stumbled upon~

Basically it shows a bit of  WIP a rig for a giant hand of a Wampa (Star Wars) costume that may give some ideas.

Other videos at this account also show the rest of the costume in its entirety, from the under skeleton, to foam build up, the final product, and how they put on such a massive costume. 


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results + dyeing darks lighter?

 I just dyed a swatch of DF grey with some black acrylic paint; it's a little tacky but it looks pretty good!

Thanks Beetlecat, for the tutorial!

But anyway, my question is in regards to dyeing BLACK fur, with watered down WHITE acrylic paint. I don't have any black to test on, so I was wondering if anyone has tried dyeing dark colors lighter?