April 8th, 2011

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Natural wolf?

A customer of mine is looking for "natural wolf" fur fabric. Its supposed to be a golden-brown color. Anyone have an idea what fabric this is and who sells it?

Thanks for any help!

EDIT: found something on Im Stuffed. Thanks for the replies.

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Varying fur lengths?

I'd love to see some examples of bodysuits made with varying fur lengths.

I've got an idea in the works for a solid-color character, and I thought it might break up the character a little better if I used different lengths of fur. Specifically, I'm using 2" fur for most of it, 3-4" fur for a "chest fluff," and I might use seal-length fur for an underbelly.

I'd just like to see some examples first, since I'm not sure if the shorter underbelly will look nice or just look like she's been shaved down for surgery...


Sewing Machines

I'm on the hunt for a new sewing machine that can handle fur and pleather, Jo anns is having a sale on all Singers. Can you guy recommend me some good sewing machines? Doesn't have to be a Singer.
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I Eats Ants!



The tongue is semi posable in that you can curl it up real tight and leave it over night and it will stay that way for a long while, or make it stay straight overnight etc. When curled it will uncurl itself over about a weeks time but it does hold its curl long enough for a con :3
It was made using a pink fabric coated elastic headband coated in fabric paint. Oh and it comes off via rare earth magnets (it takes a strong tug to remove so casual touching is not going to make it come off)

the tail is black fox and kanekalon which was first knotted in the middle and the knot was drowned in hot glue to help prevent the hair from pulling through and then the hair was sewn into the tail. I used a blowdryer to heat-set the hair in a part...which worked WAY better than I expected for the hair does settle into where it needs to be on its own :3

And yes I know the tearducts are huge but with how long and angled the head is they had to go down that far because otherwise the blind spot would be so large that you would not even see a person standing in front of you!

There is a fan in the muzzle, a vent covered in black jersy mesh under the jaw that you can also glance down through, and eeeee the hands are fun to play with X3 with them little fake-leather claws twiddling around and the way the long fur moves makes the hands really fun to watch and use.

PS I swear the dark ring around the muzzle is NOT there in person, I think the fur just got roughed up a bit...it was about to rain so I was kinda not paying attention to little details very well >_<

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Resin Eyes - Eyelids?

What materials do you use for eyelids when it comes to doing resin eyes on your fursuit head?

This is my first time using tearduct vision and resin eyes, so it'd be great to get some advice. x3

Also, does anyone have any tutorials or WIP pictures of the eyes plus the eyelids?
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Deliah Gencon

Construction Critisizm: Headshot

I was hoping to have some constructive critisizm on my first suit. I've been working on the head. Of course, I'm silly and have no ref pictures, and go by what I've done my makeup for years.... I'm hoping to findsome advice..


I'm not certain how to do the 'fake' lj cut, as it's been a while since I've done one.

The fursona is a female Clouded Snow Leopard. I know they don't exist, but the concept is leopard. I've been using images, previous works and my cat as refrences, she's very patient.

Sorry about the emo in the journal. I've had a bad week ^^